Welcome to the Langara Leaders' Toolkit, a resource portal for employees in leadership roles at the College. This toolkit aims to assist leaders like yourself in managing their duties and responsibilities at all levels of our organization. At Langara, we are proud of our leaders, and are committed to providing ongoing opportunities for further development. The objectives for this toolkit are simple:

  • To facilitate the orientation process for new leaders

  • To improve your ability to access and share current organizational information

  • To streamline administrative duties, enabling you to focus more time on strategic initiatives

  • To provide you with the resources and contact information needed to be successful in your role

The Langara Leaders' Toolkit was developed to help you in your leadership role. It requires your continual feedback to stay relevant and effective. If there is any information you feel would be useful to you or your fellow leaders, please send your feedback to hrupdate@langara.ca or contact the content author for a specific page.

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