Classification: Off Campus
Closing Date: Jan. 1, 2022
Time Commitment: Ongoing; Options available: quarter, semester, yearlong
Location: Online

Rural eMentoring BC



Number of positions: 100



Rural eMentoring BC matches BC's rural high school students with mentors who are in post-secondary. With the guidance of their mentor, the students work through an online curriculum that covers career and post-secondary choices, well-being, confronting discrimination, the rural/urban transition, and much more. Along the way, the mentors share their experiences, advice, and offer support to their mentee.

How it works: Mentors and mentees write messages to each other through our online platform. Messaging is asynchronous so participants can write messages whenever they want.

Rural eMentoring BC was formed through a partnership between UBC and the Rural Coordination Centre of BC, so we offer the program for free for all participants.

Position Title: Remote: online volunteer mentor

Position Description:

We are Rural eMentoring BC and we are looking for student volunteers to be mentors for our online mentoring program. ReMBC connects rural high school students to post-secondary students around BC.

Time commitment:

All communication is through our online platform.

  • Via asynchronous messaging: so you can send messages whenever you want—as long as you respond to your mentee within 3 days.
  • Flexible timing: Logon 2-3 times per week at your convenience—it’s usually about a 1-3 hour commitment per week.
What you’ll do:
  • Answer questions and give advice about life after high school.
  • Help your mentee work through a flexible online curriculum of videos, articles, and discussion that covers topics like well-being, post-secondary and careers.


Required Skills and Experience:


You must be:

  • A post secondary student: originally from BC, or studying at a BC post secondary institution.
  • Reliable: Able to check eMentoring messages daily and respond to your mentee's messages within 3 days. *You will be notified by email when you receive messages, so just make sure to check your email every day.
  • Available: Able to commit to eMentoring through the end of the high school year in June, or for the length of time prearranged with the eMentoring staff.
  • Passionate: about mentoring and inspiring rural youth.
    No experience required!
Benefits and Recognition:


Being a mentor looks great on a resume! Learn new skills such as:

  • How to talk to teens
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Written and online communication
  • Developing positive relationships
Connect with new people:
  • Rural communities
  • Mentors from post-secondary schools all over BC
  • Teens!
We can verify volunteer hours for job, grad school and med school applications