The Production Program at Studio 58 is a two year, full-time course for those who want a career in the technical side of theatre and the other performing arts. The Program also provides a background for the film and television industry. On entering the Program, you must have a clear idea of what you want to achieve in your training.

Production Students dive into the fundamentals of theatre practice by attending acting, movement, and voice classes in their first term. In the last three terms, they are taught by specialists in all areas: Stage Management, Production Management, Set Design, Computer Aided Design, Lighting, Costumes, Props, Sound and Multimedia, Writing, and One-Person Shows. Through these classes they unleash their artistic and aesthetic talents.

In our intimate theatre, we present four fully-produced plays per year, which run for two to three weeks. The productions provide the focus of the Production Program training: you will be taught by some of the top designers and technicians in Canada in a "hands-on" manner while giving practical support to the plays.

You will also be exposed to some of the best directors in the industry. By the time you graduate, your work will have already been seen by many of the people who can give you jobs.

Within the vibrant theatre community of Vancouver, there are sometimes opportunities for our senior students while still in school. These students will get a chance to work as actors in professional productions as part of their practicum.

More than 90% of our graduates find professional work in the theatre or the related arts within six months of graduating.

Review the Langara College website for Program and Course details.

Demands of the Program

Caution! Plenty of hard work!
An average day begins at 8:30 a.m. and winds down around 9 p.m. The daily routine is filled with classes, crew calls, rehearsals and the evening performances of our public shows. You will also work into the weekends.

Our programs are intensive, and we insist on high standards. There is no time for after-school jobs, so we urge all our students to plan their finances carefully.

Production students are required to take classes with the acting students in their first term at
Studio 58.

Please note enrolled students are not allowed to participate in any professional or amateur theatre, film, T.V., radio, commercial, print or performance work without permission of the Artistic Director. That permission is only granted to students in the 5th or 6th terms.

Getting In!

To be admitted to Studio 58, candidates will have an interview, present a portfolio and present a finished project, assigned in advance. The portfolio should include an overview of your theatre, and related work experience. This may be presented at the interview in the form of photos and/or drawings. The project focuses on research and organizational skills, creativity and script analysis.

In addition you will participate in an audition, to allow us to see you work under pressure in a group situation. You are not being assessed on your acting skills but rather on your willingness to participate and your ability to take direction. The audition includes sight readings, improv and one short, prepared monologue. A prospective Production student must demonstrate the potential to become a professional person in theatre arts.

Interviews and auditions are held across Canada each spring in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Edmonton. An audition fee is required in addition to the application fee.

See The Audition and How to Apply for more information.