Studio 58 Auditions

Auditions for Studio 58, Langara College's Professional Theatre Training program take place across Canada each spring.

2020 Audition Dates
close April 14, 2020.
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During the audition you will be given the opportunity to work individually as well as within a small group.

You will audition for at least one Theatre Arts faculty member. Additional adjudicators may also be in attendance. During the audition and interview you should be prepared to exhibit sufficient talent and show a high degree of commitment to pursuing a professional career in the theatre or related arts.

Demands are great, discipline is high and dedication is absolute.

The Group Part of the Audition

Prior preparation is not required. You may be asked to read a scene with a partner and present a short improvisation on your own, with a partner, or group. Some written work is required.

The Individual Part of the Audition

You are required to prepare 2 memorized monologues - one from the audition package we will e-mail to you, and second, a monologue of your own choosing. You will be required to present one of the monologues and, you may be asked to do the second monologue at the Adjudicator's discretion.

Production students need only prepare 1 monologue chosen from the enclosed pieces.

Choosing Your Monologue

  • Contemporary plays only (written since 1985). Shakespeare, Shaw, Greek or other classical plays are NOT permitted.
  • Your monologue must be from a published play, written by someone other than yourself. Monologues from novels, poems, or film scripts are NOT permitted.
  • Choose a monologue which contrasts in some way with the monologue we will e-mail to you.
  • Choose a monologue from a play which you have not performed. We want to see your interpretation of the monologue, rather than a director's version.
  • Choose a character close to your own age, not someone much younger or older.
  • Do not use an accent (i.e. Cockney, Southern, etc.) even if the monologue seems to require it. We want to hear your own voice and speech.
  • Your monologue must be no longer than 2 minutes. Unfortunately, because of time constraints, we will be forced to stop applicants who exceed this time limit.