Blast Off

Please support The Studio 58 Legacy Fund.  It was created to do the following: 
  • Celebrate Studio 58’s 50th anniversary.  
  • Carry on the school’s tradition of excellence.  
  • Expand the scope of Studio 58 productions.  
  • Provide both acting and production students with exceptional learning experiences.  
  • Hire distinguished guest artists to work on Studio 58 productions.  
  • Offer special workshops, mentorships, etc.

The great big audacious goal? Establish an endowment of at least $250,000. 



Join the growing list of Studio 58 graduates and others from across Canada who have already donated, including:

Warren Abbott • Rachel Aberle • Stephen Aberle • Carmen Aguirre • Corina Akeson • Layla Alizada • Kirsten Alter • Lindsey Angell • Paul Anthony • Heidi Archibald • Rebecca Auerbach • Sharon Bajer • Eileen Barrett • Paul Batten • Matt Beairsto • Stephen Beaver • Scott Bellis • Kevin Bennett • Sonja Bennett • Jacob Blair • David Bloom • Francis Boyle • Sara Andrina Brown • Shelley Brown • Jon Bryden • Ines Buchli • Sara Bynoe • Timothy Carlson • Molly Caron • Garry Chalk • Judi Closkey • Kim Collier • Beverley Cooper • Christopher Cope • Nicola Correia-Damude • Zena Daruwalla • Jill Daum • Julia Denholm • Daniel Dolan • Courtenay Dobbie • Dolores Drake • Shane Droucker • Brian & Laura Drummond • Michael Eisner • Rachelle Elie • Ben Elliott • Josh Epstein • Drew Facey • Jillian Fargey • Alex Lazaridis Ferguson • Corwin Ferguson • Kelli Fox • Christopher Frary • Bob Frazer • Michael Gall • Charlie Gallant • Siona Gareau-Brennan • Christopher David Gauthier • Laura Gavini • Ben Geldreich • Dean Paul Gibson • Lara Gilchrist • Mike Gill • Marcy Goldberg • Erik Gow • Mikal Grant • Craig Hall • Manami Hara • Jan Hodgson • Katey Hoffman • Sara Holt • Andrea Houssin • Jeffrey Hsu • David Hudgins • Matthew Hunt • Thomas Hunt • David Hurwitz • Anthony F. Ingram • David Jarvis • Lauren Jackson • Sid Jenner • Kyle Jespersen • Darcey Johnson • Pam Johnson • Anthony Johnston • David C. Jones • Gabrielle Jones • Leslie Jones • Shizuka Kai • Marvin Kaye • Michael Keller • Alison Kelly • Annabel Kershaw • Stephane Kirkland • Yurij Kis • Nick Ko • Josue Laboucane • Alexandra Lainfiesta • Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin • Emilie Leclerc • Ash Lee • Jean-Michel Le Gal • Kazz Leskard • Krysia Leskard • Joey Lespérance  • Brian Linds • Nikolas Longstaff & Erin Mathews • Minh Ly • Carol Macdonald • Kevin MacDonald • Cameron D. Mackenzie • Ryan McCallion •  Ryan Alexander McDonald • Susan McNeil • Kevin McNulty • Robert McQueen • Cheyenne Mabberley • Jim & Sophie Maher • Jeff Meadows • Robert Metcalfe • Vince & Brenda Metcalfe • Kelly Metzger • Dawn Milman • Melanie Miller • Kevin Millsip • Susan Miyagishima • Colin Mochrie • Robert Moloney • Paul Moniz de Sá • Ruby Montgomery • Yvan Morissette • Brian Mulligan • Kristina Murphy • Rod Nagel • Chirag Naik • Kris Nelson • Wendy Noel • Alicia Novak • Ty Olsson • Nicole Pallone • Parnelli Parnes • Rachel Peake • Jane Perry • Almeera Jiwa Pratt • Ted Price • Lisa Randall • Kyle Rideout • Suzanne Ristic • Nicole Robert • Rachel Robillard • Brenda Robins • Julie Ross • Ajineen Sagal • Garwin Sanford • Nathan Schwartz • Peter Scoular • Kim Seary • Kora Sevier • Chris Sheasgreen • Alana Shields • Emma Slipp • Rob Smith • Lynna Goldhar Smith • Tracey Erin Smith • Donna Soares • Ari Solomon • Shawn Sorensen • Mike Stack • Courtenay Stevens • Jennifer Stewart • Jon Lachlan Stewart • Alex Strong • Roy Surette • Haig Sutherland • Diana Swayze • Jaimie Tait • Markian Tarasiuk • Deborah Tennant • Andy Thompson • Agnes Tong • Lisa Trudell • Francisco Trujillo • Ingrid Turk • Terence van der Woude • Samara Van Nostrand • Hazel Venzon • Craig Veroni Lee Vincent • Helen Volkow • Emily Cain Walker • David Warburton • Jordan Watkins • Heidi Weeks • Deborah Williams • Denyse Wilson • Joel Wirkkunen • David Wodchis • Jenny Young • Jonathon Young • Beatrice Zeilinger

together with other theatre professionals:

Rae Ackerman • Peter & Melody Anderson • Louise Bentall • Michelle Bjornson • Diane Brown • Aaron Bushkowsky • Carol Chrisjohn • David Cooper • Emily Cooper • Bernard Cuffling • David Diamond • Stephen Drover • Kathleen Duborg • Katrina Dunn • Alyson Drysdale • Jane Ellison • Itai Erdal • Ian Farthing • Ian & Teddy Forsyth • Christopher Gaze • Dale Genge • Mara Gottler • Pamela Hawthorn • Sandra Head • Jane Heyman • Carole Higgins • Peter Jorgensen & Katey Wright • Bruce Kennedy • Kevin Kerr • John Lazarus • Catherine Lee • Kathleen McDonagh • John Mann • Bill Millerd • Ross & Robin Nichol • Ellie O'Day • Robert Ouimet • Patrick Pennefather • Shel Piercy • Barbara Pollard • Ian Raffel • Ron Reed • Max Reimer • David Roberts • Sarah Rodgers • Sherri Sadler • Kathryn Shaw • Marsha Sibthorpe • Leslee Silverman • Wayne Specht • Diane Speirs • Donna Spencer • Brian Tate • Doug Tuck • Jerry Wasserman • Richard Wolfe • Donna Wong-Juliani • Johnna Wright & Del Surjik • Sherry Yoon

 Christie Lites Sales Ltd • Long & McQuade • Tourism Vancouver

Thanks to the generosity of our audiences and all those named above, the campaign has raised 105% of its goal!


The math is easy: $50 to celebrate 50 years―or any other amount you choose!

You will receive a charitable tax receipt for any donation, whether online or by cheque to: Langara College Foundation, 100 West 49th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5Y 2Z6. Don’t forget to specify Studio 58 Legacy Fund with your donation.

Need some more convincing?

Read why Studio 58 graduates* and Vancouver theatre professionals support the Studio 58 Legacy Campaign:
It’s my alma mater, and it’s there that I learned all the invaluable tools to become a successful professional theatre artist. Without my Studio 58 training, I would not be where I am today. *Carmen Aguirre, Theatre Artist / Writer (Outstanding Alumni Award Recipient)

Studio 58 is one of the foremost professional training programs in North America with possibly the fewest resources. A large part of this recognition is exposure to guest artists, directors and teachers from across North America to allow students access to our national theatre experience. *Sharon Bajer, Actor / Director / Playwright

When I was a dizzy, unfocused 18 year-old kid with a lot of creative energy and nowhere to put it, Studio 58 gave me the skills and discipline to start a life in the performing arts. I have been making my living from it for almost 30 years now. *Scott Bellis, Actor/Director

So many careers, including my own, have been launched with a little help from our friends. This fund will give students the means to create art while showcasing their skills to the professional world. *Sonja Bennett, Actor/Screenwriter

We at Ruby Slippers Theatre support the Studio 58 Legacy Fund because Studio 58 produces some of the best professional theatre artists in Canada, and our work—and the work of Canadian theatre-- is made better because of it.  Diane Brown, Artistic Director, Ruby Slippers Theatre, Vancouver

Studio 58 prepares young artists for a professional career and has launched careers for many young performers. Supporting the fund is my way of giving back  and to say thank you for believing and helping my career to grow to what it is today. *Garry Chalk, Actor

Studio 58 is a fantastic school; when we support its activities we are supporting the future strength of our theatre profession and its necessary and nourishing theatre art.  *Kim Collier, Theatre Artist/ Director/Producer

I value the education of theatre artists. At Studio 58, I learned the unexpected; I learned how to be brave in my singing class, I learned to push myself further in my acting classes, and I learned that I could write creatively in my mime class. *Beverley Cooper, Playwright

I was a kid from a racehorse ranch that wanted to act. I'm not sure how Studio 58 found me amidst those many eager applicants some 27 years ago, but I am so very glad they did. I grew up there, I gained a great many skills there, and I met my amazing wife there. I have had a great deal of success as a performer since graduating 24 years ago, and it all began with the foundation of skills that Studio 58 helped me build. Help keep this great school strong for many years to come! *Brian Drummond/Actor

I wouldn’t be the artist or person I am now without my experiences and teachers from Studio 58. *Josh Epstein, Actor/Writer/Producer

Studio 58 is the most important Theatre Arts training program in Western Canada. The faculty and students do wonders with very limited resources and the work being done here warrants a deeper financial investment by both the community and the college. *Drew Facey, Production Designer

For a relatively small, conservatory-style school, Studio 58 punches way above its weight on the national theatre scene. Thirty years after my own graduation from the program, I am always a little proud every time I meet another grad out in the big world and see that the training has only gotten better over the years. *Kelli Fox, Actor/Director

Twenty years ago, Studio 58 gave me the tools to build a career, I'm proud to be finally giving back. *Bob Frazer, Actor / Director

Studio 58 is a bright shining star of theatrical education and training in Canada. I am honoured and delighted to support their work and encourage you to do the same. ​Just a small donation from a lot of people will make a massive difference! Christopher Gaze, OBC, Artistic Director, Bard on the Beach, Vancouver

Knowing that there will be generations of artists who will have the opportunity to train with some of our best educators and practitioners is a source of great pride for me and many of my colleagues who continued to dedicate our lives to a career in the performing arts. Long may it be so. Bravo Studio 58!  *Dean Paul Gibson, Actor / Director (Outstanding Alumni Award Recipient)

The best theatre school in Canada; a faculty of totally committed, excellent teachers.  The graduates of Studio 58 work successfully all across the nation.  Pamela Hawthorn, Founding Artistic Director, New Play Centre, Vancouver

The students of Studio 58 are the voices, singers, dancers, actors, creators, and designers of the future. Please join me in supporting our cultural future.  *Pam Johnson, Designer / Director

I owe them my sanity and my career.  It's the best theatre/acting school in the country God damn it. Who else am I gonna give my money to? *Marvin Kaye, Actor / Screenwriter / Executive Producer

I believe strongly in what the school does AND the potential it has to do MORE with this fund. *Cameron Mackenzie, Founder & Managing Artistic Director, Zee Zee Theatre, Vancouver

The school continues to produce some of the best theatre professionals working in Canada. Those artists are the true legacy that Studio 58 has created. I want to see that continue for the next fifty years. *Robert Metcalfe, Artistic Director, Prairie Theatre Exchange, Winnipeg

Studio 58 has been a major force for the last 50 years in producing theatre artists who have filled our theatres both on-stage and behind the scenes.  The professional theatre scene in British Columbia would not be the same today without this incredible legacy which will no doubt continue for the next 50 years. Bill Millerd, Artistic Managing Director, Arts Club Theatre Company, Vancouver

Supporting the Studio 58 Legacy Fund is important because the talent it produces creates the theatre, television and film that educates, entertains and gives Canada its unique voice. *Colin Mochrie, Actor/Writer (Outstanding Alumni Award Recipient)

The training they offer is second to none and the more support they have, the better.  Studio 58 provided me with the skills, confidence and contacts that have allowed me to sustain a successful 20 year career in the most difficult of industries. Thank you, Studio, for sticking with me and guiding me to be my best. *Robert Moloney, Actor

Studying and graduating from Studio 58 opened so many doors for me, both in my career and in my life.  It makes me proud to give back to the program, knowing it will open many doors for others *Yvan Morissette, Designer

Studio 58 is one of Canada’s most important training programmes and gave me the tools, outlook and connections that helped me launch my career. The school deserves support from its alumni. *Kris Nelson, CEO and Artistic Director, Dublin Tiger Fringe

I support the arts in BC; I believe in giving back; Studio 58 supports the growth and development of new talent and new artists in our community. *Ty Olsson, Actor

I believe Studio 58 provides valuable and unique collaborations between students and the professional world, and I am thrilled to contribute to the advancement of these strengths. *Rachel Peake, Director

It will enhance an already excellent theatre experience. *Suzanne Ristic, Actor

I keep working with, or admiring the work of, really impressive young actors only to find they have studied at Studio 58. I’m proud to tell them I studied there too. *Brenda Robins, Actor

I want to support and encourage creativity for the 50 years and beyond. *Chris Sheasgreen, Executive Producer / Writer

Studio 58 graduates well rounded students with multiple performance tools.  Wayne Specht, Founding Artistic Director, Axis Theatre, Vancouver

Studio 58 changes lives and helps build professional careers. The skills I learned at Studio 58 helped me start a theatre festival and have a career in theatre on my own terms that's unconventional and exactly what I want. Supporting Studio 58 helps make dreams come true and improves theatre in Canada.  *Tracey Erin Smith, Founder and Artistic Director, SOULO Theatre Festival, Toronto

For almost 50 years, Studio 58 has been equipping young theatre artists to be creative, resourceful and informed theatre practitioners, ready to bring their talents, imagination and excellent work ethics to the profession. *Roy Surette, Artistic Director, Centaur Theatre, Montreal

It takes time, money and  high quality training to create intelligent,  provoking artists; artists that reflect and challenge our society.  *Deborah Williams, Actor / Playwright / Comedian

I owe much of my career to the instruction and passion of my teachers from this first-class training program. *Jenny Young, Actor

Studio 58 provides some of the very best acting training in the city, and is respected nationwide as one of Canada's foremost theatre schools.  Students graduate from Studio 58 prepared for all aspects of the theatre profession, the training provided there is an absolutely essential part of the Vancouver arts community. *Jonathon Young, Actor / Playwright

Times are tough, we know lots of great causes are vying for your support. But this is a once-in-a-lifetime request. Studio 58 has never done anything like this, and is unlikely to again. No donation is too small—or too big! Your gift of $50, $100, $500, or even $1000 will take us into lift off.

Yes, I want to blast Studio 58 into the future!