The Raft
Live at Studio 58 
October 17-22, 2023 
An original production created with and performed by fourth term students. 

Five people stranded at sea with no recollection of how they got there share a doomy prophetic dream and rescue a girl adrift at sea.

Content advisories: flashing lights, loud noises, coarse language

About the Director

Sierra Haynes she/her

Sierra-Haynes.jpgSierra Haynes is an emerging, award winning, multi-disciplinary artist from Treaty 4 (Regina, SK), now establishing herself in Toronto, ON. Working primarily in theatres across the country, some of her recent credits include: The Drowning Girls (Guild Festival Theatre) as asst. director and sound designer and composer; The Red Priest as The Woman (Guild Festival Theatre); Miss Caledonia as Peggy Ann Douglas and music director (Globe Theatre); A Tonic for Desperate Times (Theatre Gargantua); Stage Write: The Playwright's Podcast (Globe Theatre). She’s also worked in film, commercial and cartoon as an actress. When she’s not on stage, she can be found writing, facilitating conversations and playing her fiddle. Sierra is a proud graduate of Studio 58 and she's so excited to be back directing!

Normally, a Director’s Note might be used to discuss the relevancy of a theme or topic in today’s world. Maybe it’s too bold of me to say, but I think our audiences will leave understanding or feeling what we’ve endeavored to say.

Instead, I would like to share with our audience members the experience of Risky Nights. Devised theatre is made of a collective effort. I came in with a simple offer: stranded on a raft. I had no idea what that would mean going forward…Would they be pirates? Would they be vacationers adrift at sea after a cruise ship disaster? Would we even be on a raft by the time the show opened? Would this be a drama or comedy? I really didn’t know. I just knew that I wanted everyone to love what they made.

It all came together so organically. We kept sifting our way through all of the great ideas and goofy shenanigans, and after going through the weeds (or maybe seaweed??), we discovered that we’d been left with this show. And it’s not what any of us expected. I can see everyone’s contribution to the collective effort, and as a director coming in to shape a story with an established ensemble, that’s what means the most to me. I’m really proud of them! They made a whole show!!! We laughed and cried our way through this experience, and now we get to share it with all of you.

I’d like to thank David Hudgins and Courtenay Dobbie for inviting me back to Studio 58, and entrusting me with this ensemble; it’s an honour that means a lot!

I also want to specifically thank my sister, Allegra, my mom, Rosa, and my dad, Chris, for their love and support as I build a career. They’re family, but also my Number 1 artistic team. – Sierra H

Cast & Crew


Michelle Avila Navarro (she/her)
Yorlene Bernido (she/her)
Lynny Bonin (she/her)
Sewit Eden Haile (she/her)
Lucy Jeffery (they/them)
Filip Fufezan (he/him)

Studio 58 offers professional theatre training for actors and production personnel. The six terms of practical training consist of intensive classroom work as well as performance and backstage experience in productions. Production students and third term acting students operate sound, lighting and video and act as running crew and stage management.

Stage Management
Stage Manager – Philippa Ryder (they/she)

Stella Jack-Rennie (they/she)


A big thank you to the following people for supporting The Raft.

  • Caylen Creative
  • Valeria Santos
  • Jasmine McRae

Draft feedback:

  • Sabrina Banks
  • Jack Bumbala
  • Silken Lawson
  • Raquel Neumann
  • Mikenzie Page
  • Serra Uncu

Sound design support:

  • Chris Haynes