Girlhood 4 Dummies
An original production created and performed by fourth term students
Directed by Arthi Chandra
Live in A010 (lower level of the A Building at Langara College)
February 7-12, 2023

Content advisories: use of fake blood, mature themes and language, use of flashing/strobing lights, loud noises

Girlhood 4 Dummies asks the essential question of girlhood: What does it mean to be a girl? Is it braiding each other's hair at 3 AM or our first time buying bras? How did growing up in the early 2000s shape our perception of what it means to be “womanly” to a socially acceptable degree? We invite you to join us for a slumber party. Don't forget to bring pyjamas.

About The Director

ArthiChandra_Headshot_2022.jpgArthi Chandra is a Vancouver based director, writer and theatre maker. Her practice is rooted in devising text-based new works, and adaptations of contemporary and classical plays. Her work focuses on queer joy, femme rage and parties. Recent works include Done/Undone at Bard on the Beach and Passenger Seat, a pop-rock theatre concert all about love. She has performed in Vancouver and New York. Arthi also teaches devising and directing (Toronto Metropolitan University, VanArts, Bard on the Beach, Studio 58). She is a graduate of the theatre performance stream from Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts.

Working with this ensemble has been an absolute gift. I have such deep respect for each and every one of my collaborators for bringing their entire selves to this project. 

As young women, we are raised wanting to succeed in a world that isn’t built for us. Where certain ideas of success can hold the potential of upholding oppressive social structures; we call this the girlbossication of female empowerment. We’re here to redefine what it means to be a "girl", and we’re getting loud and making messes in the process.

Enjoy the party, destroy gender-norms and smash the patriarchy. We’re burning down this f*cker and becoming our own gods now.

Cast & Crew

Co-created by:

Emma Abbott (she/her)
Danica Kobayashi (she/her)
Olivia Manojlovic (she/her)
Jenna Leigh Morgan (she/her)
Marielle Ortinez (she/her)
Alyson Vance (she/her)
Marianna Zouzoulas (she/her)


Studio 58 offers professional theatre training for actors and production personnel. The six terms of practical training consist of intensive classroom work as well as performance and backstage experience in productions. Production students and third term acting students operate sound, lighting and video and act as running crew and stage management.

Stage Management
Stage Managers – Yorlene Bernido (she/her), Gabe Nemeth (he/him)

Carol Chu (she/her)


A big thank you to the following people for supporting Girlhood 4 Dummies.

  • Halla Bertrand
  • Ruth Bruhn
  • Kevin MacDonald
  • David Hudgins
  • Courtenay Dobbie
  • Alexandra Caprara
  • Ming Hudson