enough is enough is enough
a natural fantasia 
An original production created and performed by fourth term students
Directed by Cameron Peal
Live in S032, October 11–16, 2022
Reserve tickets in advance for $5 or by donation at the door.

Content advisories: Mature themes, including death and sex

What is enough? How do we know it, when it is present? What does it look like? If we look back on life, can we see where we weren’t aware of it? Is it more clear after we pass away? How does “enough-ness” show up in our lives? What does it look like when it shows up in people? If we saw it, could we name that we saw it? What if we don’t know? What if we don’t know that we don’t know? Perhaps this show might help clarify these curiosities?

Now in its 21st season, the Risky Nights Series is an opportunity to bridge classroom work and mainstage productions. Students in their fourth term of training create and perform every aspect of an original theatre piece with a professional director.

About The Director

my_headshot.jpgCameron Peal (he/him/his) is a Vancouver based artist, and who proudly hails from the Nisga'a Nation of Northwest BC. He’s jazzed to be back working with Studio 58. Recent credits: Producer/DOP - Where Is This Going (the Butcher Shop Collective), Assistant to the Director - Bunk #7 (The Raven Collective), Co-Director - Cerulean Blue (Studio 58), Writer - Gather: Stories in Nature (Pacific, and Neworld Theatre), Production Coordinator - Indigenous Cities (Savage Society), Assistant Director - She Sells Seashells (United Players), Ensemble - Reframed (Electric Company Theatre), MC - Backyard Sessions (Savage Society), Writer - The Transformation Project (National Arts Centre, Pi Theatre), and Assistant to the Director - Urinetown, the Musical (Studio 58). Actor/director/writer, Studio 58 Graduate.


“As I get a little older, I realize life is perspective. And my perspective might differ from yours”
-Kendrick Lamar, The Heart Part 5

“Land of the free, where nothing’s free, and you ain’t really free, ’til you free within.”
-Big Sean, L.A. Leakers freestyle

Amaa sa as n’isim, good day to you all, I hope you have been well. Welcome to this show.

What is “enough”? What is “craving”? How can we know when these phenomena are present in our lives? The extraordinary artists you are about to see have spent the last month bravely diving into these questions; how do we express this? This is less conventional than a traditional “Theatre Play”, and more in the domain of “An Expression”. We chose to call this a Fantasia because it is inherently a blend of styles, a jumbled mixture, variations on a theme. The challenge is that these things, enough and craving, are so massive that they appear in countless ways, different to each person’s life, and experiences. The artists you are about to see, embodying the spirits of people now passed on, are each here to bring and share perspective; by making space for different viewpoints on something so massive, the hope is that we define these enormous things as multifaceted; a many sided thing; a blend of components; a jumbled mixture. A Fantasia.


Cast & Crew

Caylen Braun (he/him)

Jillian Burke (they/she)

Janavi Chawla (she/they)

Brynna Drummond (she/her)

Serena Hatch (she/her)

Samantha Kerr (she/her)

L Danger (she/her)

Kat Stevens (she/her)

Emma Soothill (she/her)

Hikari Terasawa (she/her)

Samuel Walmsley-Byrne (he/him)

Terrence Zhou (he/him)

STAGE MANAGER - Jenna Morgan (she/her)

ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER - Sewit Haile (she/her)

CREW - Lou Marshall (they/she)