Rocky Horror

Book, Music & Lyrics by Richard O'Brien

Directed by Josh Epstein 

Choreography by Shelley Stewart Hunt

Set design by Shizuka Kai

Lighting design by Itai Erdal

Costume design by Donnie Tejani

Live in the theatre, February 3–20


It’s the fun and freaky escape we’ve all been craving! A flat tire in the middle of a thunderstorm forces squeaky-clean sweethearts Brad and Janet to seek shelter at the castle of the scandalous Dr. Frank ’N’ Furter. There they find themselves swept up in the mad scientist’s latest experiment and questioning everything they know about love, lust, and sexuality. Jam-packed with irresistible hits like Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me, Damn it Janet, and the pelvic-thrusting Time Warp this cult classic is a non-stop celebration!


Photo & artwork: Malina Fluckiger; by Emily Cooper