web pilot

Web Series Pilot: The Watch

Produced and Directed by Janin Palahicky

Written by Ben Gough

Online launch party: Tuesday, December 8 at 8 PM

Students in their final term will present a web pilot written by  and filmed with recent graduates of Langara College’s Film Arts program. The two programs teamed up for the first time in 2018 to produce the web series pilot, The Way Station. As many Studio 58 graduates go on to work in the Film and TV industry this project provides them with practical experience in the medium. Directed by Janin Palahicky, The Watch is a mockumentary style comedy involving a rag-tag collection of citizens who come together to form a neighbourhood watch group.



Emily Case – Vicky

Caleb Dyks – Jackson

Jordan England – Skyler

David Erasmus – Wyatt

Sarvin Esmaeili – Lucy

Isaac George-Hotchkiss – Oliver


Janin Palahicky – Director/Executive Producer/Editor 

Ben Gough – Screenwriter

Oliver Robertson – 1st A.D. 

Jack Bumbala – 2nd A.D./Pre-Production Coordinator 

Tito Ferradans – Director of Photography

Blake Chambers – White 1st AC

Juliana Guerreiro – 2nd AC 

Jeremy Nagai – Sound Operator 


 the watch


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Season artwork by Emily Cooper. Poster by Janin Palahicky