Based on Ibsen's A Doll's House and Ingmar Bergman’s adaptation Nora

Livestreaming on October 10 (sign-up to watch using the form below!)  

A classic play—written by a privileged white man about a woman’s self-emancipation from oppression—as told by a troupe of young actors, in the midst of a global pandemic and massive social upheaval. Safely apart, but together, the members of the diverse ensemble take turns stepping into multiple roles and each contributes to the unfolding of Nora’s journey as she breaks free from a restrictive marriage. This stripped down staging focuses on voices, bodies in motion, and live music, and asks the question, “How did we get here?”.


Directed by Laara Sadiq

Musical composition & direction by Marguerite Witvoet  

Movement direction & choreography by Noam Gagnon

Set & costume design by Jessica Oostergo

Lighting design by Alan Brodie

Stage management mentorship by Susan Miyagishima

Artwork by Emily Cooper 

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