1. We accept passionate, hungry artists.

  2. Our diploma leads into a Bachelor of Performing Arts (the degree program also known as the B.P.A.)

  3. We are affordable.

  4. Langara offers among the lowest tuition fees in Canada.

  5. Our students and graduates have a network to help newcomers find affordable housing and get used to the city.

  6. Your student fees include excellent benefits including a transit pass and extended medical coverage.

  7. Rents in Vancouver are comparable to Toronto and other cities.

  8. Langara College is located in one of the Vancouver's most affordable rental districts.

  9. Langara has a dedicated stop on the Canada Line light rail system (part of Translink).

  10. Vancouver has excellent bike lanes, which allows for year-round cycling.

  11. Food prices here are comparable to any other major centre in Canada.

  12. We accept International Students.

  13. We are a nationally recognized training centre.

  14. Our graduates work locally, nationally and internationally.

  15. Our students gain immediate professional network opportunities.

  16. We are a springboard to careers in stage, film and television.

  17. We are at the cutting edge of new work in this country.

  18. We offer specific placements with professional theatre companies.

  19. The skills you learn here can go well beyond the original training.

  20. In order to reflect the society we live in, Studio 58 embraces diversity of all types among its students; we aspire to reflect the changing face of theatre in Canada and abroad.

  21. While our graduates work in the professional performance industries, some have used the skills they acquired at Studio 58 to further their careers as:

    • academic deans

    • adventure guides

    • authors

    • circus performers

    • college instructors

    • cruise directors

    • directors

    • doctors

    • elementary teachers

    • entrepreneurs

    • event directors

    • film producers

    • financial consultants

    • lawyers

    • mortgage brokers

    • outreach workers

    • personal trainers

    • playwrights

    • professors

    • RCMP officers

    • realtors

    • secondary school teachers

    • singers

    • talent agents

    • TV hosts and anchors

    • … and many more.

      Enjoy a brush with destiny at Studio 58. (Photo credit David Hudgins)
      A brush with destiny... at Studio 58. (Photo credit David Hudgins)

  1. Each student's learning is given individual care and attention.
  2. We have a long list of grads with profiles on IMDB.

  3. We have instructors who are young and current.

  4. We have instructors who are venerable and wise.

  5. We encourage our students to create their own work.

  6. We help each student  produce a solo show that they present upon graduation.

  7. We support students long after they have exited the program.

  8. We are a beacon for agents and directors looking to hire young talent.

  9. We work with you to create a headshot & resume that is distributed to directors and agents before you've left the school.
    Our 2014 Grad Class — what a bunch of cool cats!

  10. Local casting agents recognize our logo as something of quality.

  11. We have fostered some amazing stage managers who work constantly.

  12. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities anywhere.

  13. It’s also close to world-renowned sport meccas like Squamish and Whistler.

  14. We have an advisory board of the best and brightest working professionals in the business.

  15. We are supported by energetic alumni and enthusiastic donors who sustain scholarship, bursaries and other funds.

  16. Our shows are regularly reviewed in the local and national media.

  17. Our training includes a strong emphasis on physical theatre.

  18. Our training includes a strong emphasis on playwriting.

  19. Many graduates are established directors.

  20. Many graduates are published playwrights.

  21. Many graduates are renowned actors, who work in venues all across the country and beyond, including:  The Arts Club, The Vancouver Playhouse, The Stratford and Shaw Festivals, Soulpepper, The Belfry, The Citadel, and The Royal Shakespeare Company.

  22. Many graduates are Artistic Directors of major theatre companies and festivals.  Some examples: The Centaur, Prairie Theatre Exchange, Vertigo Theatre, Electric Company Theatre, Caravan Theatre, Dublin Tyger Fringe.  They create independent film and theatre companies; write plays, screenplays and television shows; program lights and sound; design sets; and stage manage theatres across Canada.

  23. Many graduates go on to create their own theatre or film production companies.  Some examples:  Electric Company TheatreZee Zee TheatreArchitect TheatreHardline ProductionsSurreal So Real, and Motion 58.
    Studio 58 students in the Electric Company co-production world premiere of FLEE (Fall 2015)

  24. Students at Studio 58 make friends for life.

  25. Acting and production students learn to be originators as well as interpreters.

  26. The program encourages curiosity about all aspects of theatre and related industries for all students.

  27. Students receive workshops in self-promotion and how to succeed as an artist in the real world.

  28. We send out a grad book with pictures and resumes of both Production and Acting graduates to companies, talent agents and casting agents across Canada.

  29. Many of our production students go on to become award-winning designers.

  30. You will graduate as a well-rounded theatre person.

  31. The conservatory-style training immerses each student in every aspect of creating theatre: acting students participate fully in crew work, learning how to created and run a show while production students gain first hand experience of the acting process.

  32. The intense experience of three terms of immersive classes culminates in three terms of public performances.  

  33. The training emulates the profession - instructors continue to hone their skills in the profession

  34. Studio 58 productions are selected specifically with roles for the students in mind

  35. Studio 58 productions run the gamut from devised pieces, student-written work, the classics, musicals, physical theatre and plays by contemporary Canadian and other writers.

  36. The community, the shopping, the culture and the nightlife.

  37. The ocean, the trees, the mountains, and the wildlife.