Langara Scholarships

Langara College scholarships and awards are intended to recognize and support the outstanding achievement of students. Students generally need to be enrolled in at least nine credits, have high academic achievement and/or be involved in the community (which VOLT student already have, or are working on). The majority of our scholarships are recommended by various faculties, but we also have a few scholarships available to all students through application. Click here for more information.  

The Jade Volunteering Excellence Scholarship is the VOLT departmental scholarship. It was established to recognize extensive on-campus contribution in volunteering and leadership. Volunteering must be without compensation or part of a program of study. Preference to those who are currently registered in 9 credits; may be awarded to a student who is not currently enrolled but was enrolled in 9 credits in the immediate past term. Students must be enrolled in regular studies and be a member of VOLT. Please fill out this form and bring it to the Hub (A140) to apply.

C.A.R.E Langara Volunteer Abroad Travel Award

Langara students have the chance to travel abroad and participate in volunteer service opportunities in developing countries as the College partners with the Vancouver-based C.A.R.E. Society (view the full news release). Eight Langara students will have the opportunity to receive airfare assistance to go pursue a volunteer opportunity abroad. Download the Information Sheet.

To apply, meet with the VOLT program coordinator, then complete and return the application form to the VOLT Office in A140. 

Langara and the C.A.R.E Society do not arrange your volunteering for you. Students are expected to do their own research, and find an organization that meets their needs. We encourage students to do ample research, paying close attention to the fees that an organization charges, the type of volunteer work that they would be doing. etc. There are many no fee or low fee options, so be cautious of organizations charging high fees.

You can see a list of examples of some of the NGO's that recipients of the C.A.R.E Award have volunteered for in the past. Please note that this list is for reference and Langara and the C.A.R.E Society are not promoting or encouraging these organizations over any other organization that you might research.

Langara Bursaries

Langara bursaries are non-repayable funding available for students that are able to demonstrate financial need, are enrolled in a full-time course load and in good standing, please apply for bursaries by the 20th of the first month of the semester for consideration. The Financial Aid Office usually distribute this money towards the latter half of the semester, so please do not count on it going towards tuition. Click here for more information.

External Awards

The Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program

The award itself reads: "In recognition of having demonstrated the highest ideals and qualities of citizenship and humanitarian service while in pursuit of excellence in academic, amateur sport, fitness, health and voluntary community service. In so doing has reflected those ideals of courage, humanitarianism, service and compassion, which Terry Fox embodied." For more information click here (