If you disagree with a penalty your instructor gave for academic misconduct (cheating or plagiarism), you can submit an appeal by letter.

Please read the whole Academic Conduct policy before deciding if you want to appeal. Understanding what academic misconduct is, as well as understanding the College’s procedures, will help you decide if you want to write a letter. Information on where to find the policy is at the end of this page.

Send your appeal letter to the Student Services Office at dss.office@langara.bc.ca. You can also drop it off at Building T, room T206.


  1. Write an appeal letter and send it to the Student Services Office within two (2) business days of receiving the penalty decision. If you have documents that help explain the situation, attach these to your appeal letter.Tips on writing an Appeal Letter are here.
  2. Write your letter clearly and concisely. Make sure you fully explain the situation without including unnecessary information.
  3. The appeal letter must identify the reasons you think the decision was wrong. These reasons are called “grounds.”
  4. The only grounds for appeal are:
    • The facts show that you did not cheat or plagiarize.
    • The penalty is too severe in light of the offence.
    • The policy was not followed.
    • There was a conflict of interest.
  5. Your letter must show how one or more of the grounds applies to your situation. You must make your argument based on the facts. Simple dissatisfaction with the penalty, or not understanding the rules around cheating or plagiarism are not grounds for an appeal.
  6. The Dean will review the appeal letter and decide if you have shown adequate grounds for an appeal.
  7. If you did not show adequate grounds, the Dean will dismiss the appeal and notify you in writing. The Dean’s decision is final and cannot be appealed further.
  8. If the Dean decides there are sufficient grounds for the appeal, the Dean will appoint an Academic Conduct Appeal Panel. The panel will meet to consider the appeal.
  9. Your instructor will have an opportunity to respond to your appeal and you will have an opportunity to review and respond to your instructor’s additional comments.
  10. The Academic Conduct Appeal Panel will usually make a decision based on the available written information. They will let you know their decision. In most situations, you do not need to meet with the panel.
  11. After looking at all the information, the panel will decide to either:
    • Keep the original decision,
    • Give a lower penalty or no penalty at all,
    • Give a more severe penalty or,
    • Ask for further investigation.

Academic Conduct Policy

The Academic Conduct policy is on the Langara website. To find the policy, open the Langara main page and select About Langara. Navigate down the menu and select College Policies. Under the Policies tab, select Instruction. The policy is entitled: F1004 – Code of Academic Conduct.

The URL is http://www.langara.bc.ca/registration-and-records/pdf/F1004.pdf. Details of the Appeal Procedure start on page seven (7) of the Academic Conduct policy.