1. When an instructor has concerns that a student has engaged in academic misconduct, he or she will first contact the Office of Student Conduct and Judicial Affairs for specific instructions unique to the individual case.
  2. The instructor will meet with or write to the student and allow the student a chance to respond to the concerns.  Based on the student’s response, the instructor will decide if misconduct did occur.
  3. If misconduct did not occur, no further action is taken.  If misconduct did occur, the instructor and student will fill out and sign the Academic Misconduct Form, and the instructor will impose a penalty.
  4. A copy of the Academic Misconduct Form will be kept on file.  All files regarding academic misconduct are maintained by the Office of Student Conduct and Judicial Affairs.  These files are separate from the student’s official academic record (i.e., transcript).  This information will only be referred to if the student engages in future misconduct.

A reference guide for students regarding academic misconduct.