1. When an instructor has concerns that a student has engaged in academic misconduct, he or she will notify the student about the concerns and allow the student a chance to respond to the concerns.  Based on the student’s response, the instructor will decide if misconduct did occur.
  2. If misconduct did not occur, no further action is taken. 
  3. If misconduct did occur, the instructor will report the incident online to the Office of Student Conduct & Judicial Affairs, including any sanction for the infraction.
  4. If there are no previous infractions on file or the matter is not deemed serious, the Office of Student Conduct and Judicial Affairs will send a letter to the student outlining the instructor's decsion.
  5. If there are previous infraction(s) on file or the matter is deemed serious, the instructor's report will be forwared to the Division Chair or Program Manager for review and a final decsion. The student will be notified in writing as to the descion.

Please note: all communication is sent by email to the student's Langara email address. Failure to check email is not an excuse for failing to respond to a notification.