Tips for Students
The tips below help provide additional information for students regarding their rights and responsibilities, and how to avoid possible issues that may arise during their times at Langara. 

Consent to Release Information
Langara College does not release information about students to third parties without their written consent. If you would like a parent, spouse or someone else to communicate with the college on your behalf, complete the Consent Form and submit it, in person, to the individual you are authorizing to release information about you.

If you cannot drop off the form in person, contact for advice. Please remember that you need one form for each college employee you are authorizing to release information.

Know your Policies
Langara's policies provide information about what behaviour is appropriate in the post-secondary environment, and what is not. Familiarize yourself early so you know what to expect. Ignorance of Langara's rules is not an excuse for not following them.


Demonstrate Civility and Respect
Langara is a community of many – students, faculty, staff, visitors, and guests. We all work together to enrich your learning experience. Just as you deserve to be treated with civility and respect, so do all members of our community. To ensure Langara provides a healthy, safe, and respectful environment for everyone, discrimination, harassment, and bullying will not be tolerated.

In the Classroom
Langara hires instructors because they are knowledgeable in their discipline and are committed to supporting students' education. They are also busy and have many students to teach. Instructors have the right to set the expectations for classroom behaviour and have the authority to ask a student to leave the classroom if his or her behaviour is disrupting others.

Make sure your classroom behaviour is respectful of everyone. Avoid dominating classroom discussion, interrupting or arguing with others, using excessive sarcasm, ridicule, hostility, or making excessive and unreasonable demands on instructor time.

Social Media
Social media is a valuable tool when used wisely. The very nature of this medium, however, can pose a risk because it offers instantaneous posting opportunities that allow little time for reflective thought. The use of social media carries the added burden that what is posted on the Internet is discoverable by law even when it is long deleted. Students should not:

  • Post illegal activities
  • Bully others
  • Trash their teachers
  • Post objectionable content from college computers or networks
  • Post confidential information
  • Post overly specific location check-ins
  • Lie/Cheat/plagiarize
  • Threaten violence
  • Ignore school-specific policies
  • Post unprofessional public profiles
  • Post emotionally
  • Rely on privacy settings 

Respect Langara’s Computers and Network
Langara’s computers and networks are the property of Langara and are loaned to students for their academic work. Students must follow all of Langara’s policies around the use of these systems and must make sure their account is used only for its intended purpose. Students should be aware that any breaches of Langara’s usage policies can and will be traced back to the student responsible.

Drinking and Drugs on Campus
Remember that your education at Langara is a gateway to your future. Inappropriate alcohol or drug use can hamper your success. Students may drink alcohol on campus at events where alcohol is specifically permitted. However, drinking is not permitted in classrooms, study areas, cafeterias, meeting rooms, parking lots, or any outside area. Underage drinking is not permitted at any event.

Likewise, smoking marijuana, or using or possessing controlled substances on Langara property, will result in a penalty unless there is a legitimate medical reason for the use.

Be Safe, Act Safe 
Every student is entitled to feel safe at Langara. Students are responsible for their safety and behaviour. To ensure a safe and secure environment, Campus Security is authorized to respond to critical incidents, address threatening or dangerous behaviour, and investigate criminal activities on campus.

More specifically, Campus Security has the authority to ask a student to show ID, to ask a student to leave the classroom or the campus, to contact emergency services as needed, and to investigate and report illegal activity to law enforcement officials. 

NOTE: Contact Campus Security immediately if you witness or are exposed to threatening or dangerous behaviour, or if you become aware of illegal activity on campus.

For more information see Langara’s Safety and Security page.