Student Rights

Students are awarded certain rights when studying at Langara College, related to their studies and their time at the College. If students have any questions regarding these rights, they may contact the Ombudsperson in the Langara Students Union for guidance, advice, and support. 

Every Langara student has the right to: 

  • Pursue their education in a safe and respectful educational environment characterized by civility, individual integrity, social responsibility, and respect for diversity 

  • Due process and procedural fairness when involved in an investigation of college policy violations

  • Express their opinion and come together with others, provided that they do not:

    • Interfere with the rights of others
    • Violate college policies
    • Undermine college operations 

  • Privacy, consistent with Langara College policy and provincial privacy legislation 

  • Reasonable access to college policies, procedures, and guidelines

  • Reasonable and legitimate access to the college’s buildings and facilities 

  • Request assistance from the college to address incidents of harassment, bullying, discrimination, or any form of violence or aggression

Acknowledgment: The above information has been adapted from Student Rights and Responsibilities, Safe Student Community. (n.d.). Retrieved July 04, 2016, from