Classroom and Learning Environment Expectations 
Students are expected to adhere to classroom and learning environment guidelines during their time at Langara College. These expectations are noted below.

  • Absences
    Take responsibility for getting missed assignments or notes from other students. Be aware that Instructors are not responsible for re-teaching the material you missed because of absence. Do not expect that you will automatically be allowed to make up missed work. Any questions about absences should be discussed with your instructor
  • Attendance 
    Make yourself aware of the attendance requirements for your course or program. Failure to meet course learning objectives due to non-attendance may affect your course grade.
  • Compliance
    Your instructor has the authority to set standards for classroom behaviour and to correct the behaviour that is disruptive to the learning environment. You are expected to follow these standards and any reasonable request your instructor makes regarding classroom behaviour.
  • Computers and Internet
    In classes where computers and/or Internet access is provided, you may use these for valid, academic purposes. You should keep incidental personal use outside of the classroom unless your instructor permits otherwise.
  • Consequences
    Repeated or serious misbehaviour may lead to your temporary removal from the classroom. The matter may also be referred to Student Conduct and Academic Integrity.
  • Consultation
    Many instructors hold office hours to allow students to ask questions or obtain additional information about the course content. If your questions are more complex than can be answered in class, meet with your instructor during office hours, rather than taking up an excessive amount of class time. If you communicate by email, your communication must be business-like and professional at all times.
  • Conversation
    Engage in conversation with your instructor and other students around topics under classroom discussion. Do not carry on side conversations in class.
  • Courtesy and Civility 
    You are expected to behave in a way that is civil and courteous to others. Every student has paid for their attendance. You must refrain from behaviour that interferes with the rights of others to learn. You may not use inappropriate or offensive commentary or body language to show your attitude regarding the course, the instructor, assignments, or fellow students.
  • Grade Pleading
    At Langara, good grades have to be earned and are assessed on merit. Langara has very strict guidelines and high academic standards, and we do not negotiate grades with students, for any reason. The grade you have been assigned is final and will not be changed. Do not beg your instructor for better grades.
  • Group Work
    If your instructor assigns group work, it is your responsibility to complete your portion of the work. Failure to meet group assigned tasks and deadlines will disrupt your teammate's progress. This may be viewed as obstructive, and could affect your mark on the assignment. If you have a conflict with your group mates, speak to your instructor.
  • Guests
    You may not bring friends, family members, children or pets to class unless express permission is given by your instructor.
  • Marks and Final Grades
    Your instructor has the authority to assign marks on any assignment or exam and final grades for a course. If you disagree with a mark or grade you must ensure you have a legitimate reason for your disagreement. Wanting a better mark, feeling disappointed that you will not be able to advance, or feeling worried that your parents will be upset about your grade are NOT legitimate reasons to disagree. Before you discuss a marks issue with your instructor ensure you can articulate a sound reason for your dissatisfaction. Your instructor will not change your mark or grade just because you want a change.
  • Personal Electronic Devices
    Your instructor has the authority to limit the use of cell phones, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices in the classroom. You are advised to refrain from using your phone, laptop or tablet for browsing, games, texting or other purposes during class time unless your instructor expressly permits this activity.
  • Profanity or Offensive Language 
    You may not use profanity or offensive language in class.
  • Sleep 
    Do not sleep in class. If you are too tired to pay attention; catch up on your sleep at home.