College-Mandated Student Leave of Absence Policy
The College is committed to maintaining a safe, healthy and productive learning environment. When the behaviour of a student is sufficiently concerning to pose a risk to the health, safety and wellbeing of the student or the college community, or is disruptive, the College will exercise its right and responsibility to address concerning student behaviour. For the College-Mandated Student Leave of Absence process, disruptive means any action that constitutes an interference in the normal flow or sequence of a process, system or event.

Where possible, the College will work with the student to enable their continuance or will facilitate a voluntary separation from the College. When such efforts are impractical or ineffective, the College may invoke an involuntary leave of absence.Concerning student behaviour, includes behaviour that:

  • Poses a threat or risk of harm to the student or others
  • Poses a significant threat or risk to the property
  • Causes significant disruption to or interference with the educational process
  • Interferes with the lawful and proper activities or functions of the College, its staff and/or members of the college community, or
  • Suggests that the student is unable to engage in the basic activities necessary to obtain an education

College-Mandated Student Leave of Absence
When a student exhibits concerning behaviour, and the behavioural concerns cannot be adequately addressed through support measures or a reasonable accommodation, the College will place a student on an involuntarily leave of absence.

A decision to implement an involuntary leave of absence will be made by the Leave of Absence Review Committee (the Committee) following an assessment of a student’s circumstances.

Return following College-Mandated Student Leave of Absence
The student may apply to return to the College by requesting the Committee. A decision to approve a request to return to the College will be based on an assessment of a student’s ability to meet the College’s behavioural expectations.

The complete policy is HERE.