Langara may repond to a breach of the Standards of Student Conduct by imposing any of the following. The response will depend upon the nature and seriousness of the offence, and whether the student has engaged in previous misconduct. Decisions as to the most appropriate response to a given situation are made by the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity (short of suspension). 

Suspension and expulsion decisions are made by the President. Suspension standings will be noted on the student's transcript.

Below are examples of possible responses that impact a student who is found responsible for a breach of the Standards of Student Conduct:

  • Coaching
  • Community Service
  • Educational Projects or Assignments
  • Formal Apology
  • Letter of Expectation
  • Letter of Reprimand
  • Loss of Privilege
  • No Contact Directive
  • No Trespass Direction
  • Probation
  • Requirement to Withdraw
  • Restorative Conference
  • Restriction on Participation
  • Suspension
  • Verbal Warning
  • Workshop/Training Attendance
  • Other

Suspension Process

Only the President can suspend a student from the College or deny or rescind a student’s credential for a violation of college policy. If a student has engaed in seriour or repeated misconduct, they may face suspension from the College. A commitee will review the fact and ask for the student's response before decisding if a recommendation will be made to the President for suspension or a withdraw of the student's credential.