Non-Academic Misconduct Appeals
Students may appeal sanctions imposed under the Student Code of Conduct if a student believes the sanction decision was unfair or incorrect. The complete Appeals Procedure can be viewed here.

Resources for policy and procedural information if you have been notified of Non-Academic Misconduct:

To appeal a sanction, a student must make an Application to Appeal showing that one or more of the following grounds have been met. See the tips on how to write an Appeal Letter (PDF) for more information.

  • Relevant evidence has become available that was not available at the time of the original decision and there is a strong probability that the evidence would have a significant effect on the decision;
  • The severity of the sanction is disproportionate to the nature of the violation; or
  • The student was denied:
    • An opportunity to know the case against him or her;
    • An opportunity to respond to the case against him or her;
    • An unbiased decision.

An  Application to Appeal must: 

  • Identify the grounds for the appeal, 
  • Include a copy of the original decision, 
  • Set out the requested outcome. 

If a student is requested to attend a meeting concerning an appeal, the student may be accompanied by a support person who is a member of the College community, providing the support person has had no prior involvement in the matter under appeal. Attendance at an appeal meeting by any other person shall be at the discretion of the entity hearing the appeal. If a student does not attend a meeting when requested to do so, the matter will be decided based on the available information.

A student must submit an Application to Appeal to the Office of Associate Vice President, Students within seven days of receiving the sanction decision. Appeal applications may be scanned and submitted via email to the Office of the Associate Vice President, Students, or may be mailed or dropped off at: 

Office of Associate Vice President, Students  
Room T206 
Langara College 
100 West 49th Avenue 
Vancouver, BC V5Y 2Z6 

Within fourteen (14) calendar days of receiving the application, the Office of Associate Vice President, Students may: 

  • Request a meeting with the student before rendering a decision; 
  • Request additional information from internal or external sources. If such information is provided, the student will be allowed to respond to that information; or 
  • Render a decision based on the written application. 

In response to the appeal, the Office of Associate Vice President, Students may: 

  • Deny the appeal because it does not meet the required grounds; 
  • Deny the appeal and uphold the sanction; 
  • Grant the appeal and remove the sanction; or 
  • Grant the appeal, remove the sanction and impose a different sanction. 

The Associate Vice President, Students will notify the student in writing of the outcome of the appeal. Any decision rendered as an outcome of this process is not subject to further appeal.  

Review the full outline of the Appeal of Sanctions Other than Suspension Process (PDF) for more information.

Where a student is suspended from the College, the student may appeal this decision by submitting an Application to Appeal to the Board of Governors. The designated member or members of the Board will notify the student of the procedures involved in the appeal. 

See the full outline of the Appeal of Suspension Process (PDF) for more information.