Academic Integrity Appeals

If a student disagrees with the decision or sanction placed when they are found responsible for academic misconduct, students do have the opportunity to appeal the decision. When appealing, students must ensure that they have grounds to appeal the decision. The only grounds to appeal an academic integrity decision are:

  • The action which received a sanction does not constitute an academic integrity violation.
  • There is clear evidence of a procedural error that significantly affects the outcome of the decision.
  • The sanction is too harsh given the nature of the violation.

If a student believes that they have grounds for a formal appeal, the information on how to submit an appeal can be found in the student's decision letter. Information on how to submit an appeal can be found in the student’s decision letter. Students looking for advice on their appeal can contact the LSU Ombudsperson. Detailed information on the appeal process can be found below:

Students with questions about the appeal process can contact


Important Note: Sanctions will not be removed or altered unless a student submits an appeal, and the appeal is successful.


Resources for policy and procedural information if you have been notified of an Academic Integrity Violation: