Late Withdrawals

All requests for late withdrawal (including medical withdrawal) must be accompanied by a letter from the student explaining:

  • The extenuating circumstances that prevented them from meeting the normal withdrawal deadline, and
  • Why they need to withdraw.

Extenuating circumstances means "compassionate and exceptional circumstances beyond a student's control that significantly affect the student's ability to meet the requirements of a course. Such circumstances may include those related to a student's physical or psychological health that is verifiable and documented by an appropriate listed professional."

The student must submit a letter explaining the circumstances that prevented them from meeting the normal withdrawal deadline, the purpose of the appeal and a clear statement of the desired outcome

Along with this letter, the student must submit official documents confirming that the request is legitimate or the Student Appeal Request Form with section 6 completed by an appropriate professional.

Requests for late withdrawal will not be considered without authentic documentation.

If a student is requesting a partial withdrawal instead of a complete withdrawal, the student must explain how the extenuating circumstances apply directly to the course(s) the student is requesting to drop.

Not all courses are eligible for a late withdrawal. See the procedures for a list of exempt courses. The complete policy is here.

Please use the attached form to submit your request for a late withdrawal. 

You may email if you have questions about the late withdrawal process, or call the main Registrar and Enrolment Services number to be redirected.

Registrar and Enrolment Services

Tel: 604.323.5241
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