If it is deemed that a student has committed an academic integrity violation, one or more of the following sanctions may be imposed in accordance with the nature and severity of the violation.

a) Formal warning

b) Remedial sanctions (including the resubmission of work)

c) Educational sanctions (including mandatory academic integrity training)

d) Reduced mark, up to and including zero, on an assignment or any other form of evaluation

e) Reduced grade in the course

f) A grade of “F” in a course

g) Suspension from the College

h) Rescinding or denial of a College credential

Students found responsible for successive violations will generally receive increasingly severe sanctions.

In determining the severity of the sanction, consideration will be given to previous academic integrity violations.

Sanctions imposed as a result of a violation of this policy will not qualify as grounds for a tuition refund for the course and/or semester in which the violation occurred.

A student who fails to comply with a sanction may be subject to additional sanctions or restrictions