A student who requires temporary and short-term special accommodations due to the physical and psychological impact of sexual violence or misconduct may request accommodations while at Langara. Note: You do not need to make a report to request and receive these accommodations; however, temporary accommodations will vary from department to department depending on learning objectives and program structures, and are arranged by mutual agreement of parties involved (e.g. student, SCJA office, course instructor). 

Here are some examples of accommodations that may be appropriate to your situation:

  • Request that certain faculty members be made aware of your situation
  • Request that certain faculty members NOT be made aware or your situation
  • Extended time on assignments
  • Alternate exam arrangements
  • Modified group work activities
  • Late withdrawal or course deferral
  • Work‐from‐home options, if appropriate, or other scheduling modifications

Requests for special accomodations can be made to Maggie Ross, Director, Student Conduct and Judicial Affairs.