If you choose to report sexual assault, harassment, or violence, know that there are many options available to you. You can report to the police or report informally or formally to the College. In some cases other members of the community can also report on your behalf if you give them consent to do so. Know that you are not alone, and if you choose to report there are resources on campus to help you.

OPTION 1: Tell someone

This is also known as "Disclosure". Telling someone you trust about what happened can you help you feel validated, and can get you the support, guidance, and referrals if you need them. Telling someone doesn't mean you have to make a formal complaint. You may choose to disclose an incident of sexual violence or misconduct to a friend, another student, or a trusted member of the College community. Below are a list of people who may be able to help you:  

Specific responsibilities for key College departments and personnel are outlined in
Appendix B (PDF) of the Policy. Suggestions on how to respond to a disclosure are found in Appendix A (PDF) of the Policy. 

OPTION 2: Informal Report to the College

Or, you may wish to notify the College of the incident without initiating an investigation. To do so, contact the Student Conduct and Judicial Affairs (SCJA) office either in person (Room T206b), on the phone (604.323.5817) or online. Once you contact the SCJA office, the staff will make a written record of the incident. You may say as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. Also, if you don't want any further action taken by the College, you can let the staff know.

Please note: The information you provide will be kept confidential unless:

  • The allegation involves a minor,
  • Federal or provincial legislation requires an investigation, or
  • There is a reasonable assumption of risk to the individual or members of the College community.

Report an incident now.

OPTION 3: Formal Report

You may choose to make a formal report to the College and ask for an investigation. Students may request an investigation by contacting the staff at Student Conduct and Judicial Affairs either in person (Room T206b), on the phone (604.323.5817) or online. If a student has made a previous informal report, this report may be used or expanded upon for the purposes of an investigation. Know that if you choose to make a formal report that you may be asked to share the following information:

  • Your name and contact information,
  • The respondent's name (see definition) and contact information, if known
  • A description of the incident(s) of sexual violence or harassment
  • List of any witnesses to the incident and contact information 

Once a report has been made, the Office of Student Conduct and Judicial Affairs will then work with you to discuss next steps and assist with any safety concerns or accommodations you may need whilst the investigation is ongoing. Know that you can withdraw a report at any time and that the college is here to help.

Report an incident now.

OPTION 4: Report to police

Or, you may choose to report allegations through the criminal justice system by contacting your local Police Department. You can call on your own, or you can ask a friend or a Langara employee to sit with you while you call if it makes you feel safer. The College will cooperate with any criminal investigation. 

If the sexual assault occurred within the last few days and you are in immediate danger you can call 911 to start the reporting process. If the sexual assault occurred awhile ago and you do not have immediate safety concerns, you can call the non-emergency number of the police detachment of the area in which the assault occurred (in Vancouver this number is (604) 717-3321)

OPTION 5: Third Party Reporting

If you don't want to report the incident directly to the SCJA office, you may ask a willing and trusting member of the College community or another third party to initiate the report on your behalf, providing you give them your written consent. Here is a consent form (PDF) you can download and use.

Remember: Whatever you decide to do is your choice. Do what feels right for you.