What has happened is not your fault. Below are the first steps to take after a sexual violence incident. We recommend you take action, whether it is simply through disclosing what happened to a friend or reporting to the police. 

  1. Find a safe place. Your safety is the highest priority. If you feel unsafe or in danger, try and find a safer place to go to (perhaps a friend's place or public location). Safety looks different for everyone, so choose what’s right for you.
  2. Get information. If you report the incident and provide contact information, a representative from Student Conduct & Judicial Affairs (SCJA) will contact you within 72 hours to obtain your report, and outline your options. They will also assist you with any supports you need going forward. All information will remain confidential.
  3. Take action. Something happened that you didn't want to happen – this is not ok. We encourage you to let us know what happened so that we can support you as much as possible. Report the incident using our online form or contact the SCJA Office at scja@langara.ca or 604.323.5817.

If you choose to report the incident, we will listen to you, we will respect what you say, and we will support you as best as we can.