Peer Wellness Sessions support your well-being by creating a safe, welcoming, accessible environment to discuss your mental health and wellness. During sessions, expect:

  • non-judgmental listening
  • information about available resources
  • opportunities to reflect
  • strategies for healthy coping

The goal is to leave sessions feeling supported, optimistic, and empowered to make your own choices.

Book through WC Online. Sessions are free and open for all Langara students.

Meet Our Peer Wellness Support Volunteers

Amena (she/her/hers)
Peer Wellness Support Volunteer
Fine Arts 

“I am an international student that enjoys immersing herself into new topics and cultures, art and travel are my passions. I became a Volunteer to use my listening skills to help others in their time of need and offer them endless support.” 



Madhushree (Madhu) (she, her, hers)
Mental Health Ambassador and Peer Wellness Support Volunteer
Post Degree Diploma in Data Analytics

"Hello! My name is Madhushree and I go by she/her. I speak English, Tamil, and Telugu. I am currently pursuing PDD in Data Analytics in Langara College. I became a part of Langara's Mental Health Ambassador because, I believe that mental health is an important part of every student’s life especially during these pandemic times and I wanted to help fellow students overcome any obstacles they may be facing. Apart from studies and volunteering, my hobbies are trying out different cuisines, and reading books."

Ridhi (she/her/hers)
Peer Wellness Support Volunteer

"Hello! I am Ridhi and I am an international student. My major is Psychology, and I can speak English and Hindi fluently. I became a part of the Peer Wellness program because I believe that in students’ life, we do not realize the importance of mental health, but it is as important as our physical health. I want to help students who are struggling from these issues, and I want to reduce the stigma around mental illness so that students can openly talk about it, without feeling ashamed. My hobbies are reading books and cooking." 

Sehaj Preet (she/her/hers)
Peer Wellness Support Volunteer
Diploma in Bioinformatics

"Being a student, I know the path through college and just life in general is not easy, I am here to walk and share that path with someone who feels it too. I am Sehaj and I can communicate fluently in Hindi, English Punjabi and I know some French and Spanish as well. I am volunteering for Peer Wellness Support as I would really like to be there and lend an ear to anyone who finds it impossible to make it through one of their college days without a frown for any reason at all."

Tejinder (he, him, his)
Mental Health Ambassador and Peer Wellness Support Volunteer
Business Management

“I understand how difficult college learning can be for some students and feeling a sense of belonging can be challenging. Sometimes students find it difficult to cope with their daily lives and learning side-by-side. Being one of these students I decided to join the Mental Health Ambassadors so that I can support mental health initiatives on campus. Other than MHA, I will be there to provide help and resources to the students as a Peer Mentor.  I comfortably  speak English, Hindi, and Punjabi and love cycling, walking, and trekking.”