Peer Wellness Sessions support your well-being by creating a safe, welcoming, accessible environment to discuss your mental health and wellness. During sessions, expect:

  • non-judgmental listening
  • information about available resources
  • opportunities to reflect
  • strategies for healthy coping

The goal is to leave sessions feeling supported, optimistic, and empowered to make your own choices.

Sessions are free and open for all Langara students.

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  • By appointment: Wednesdays, weeknights, and weekends.
  • Drop-in: Wednesdays.

Please note: appointments must be scheduled and confirmed at least 24 hours in advance of the requested session.

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In-Class Wellness Sessions  

Peer Mentors work in pairs to provide in-class wellness sessions and workshops which may include topics such as Langara’s health and wellness resources, strategies to reduce stress, and ice breaker games.

Instructors can book 15 to 60-minute wellness sessions by contacting Lauren Watson, our Peer Wellness Support Program Coordinator. Wellness sessions are facilitated for in-person or online synchronous classes, on a one-time or recurring basis. 

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About the Facilitator
Lauren (she, her, hers) is a Certified Peer Educator with three years of experience providing peer support and group facilitation. She also has a BSc in Biology, an Advanced Certificate in Health Leadership, and is currently pursuing Nursing. Lauren is passionate about mental health and wellness, and is very excited to be part of this program and support Langara students. Peer Helpers, who are in training to facilitate sessions of their own, may also join in from time to time. 

“I encourage all Langara students to try out a wellness session to see what the Peer Wellness Support Program has to offer. Students can expect to speak with their peers in a safe environment that allows for empowerment, honesty, and opportunities to explore their own ideas and develop personal resourcefulness.”
– Lauren Watson, Peer Wellness Support Program Coordinator

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Meet Our Peer Mentors

Tejinder (he, him, his)
Mental Health Ambassador and Peer Mentor
Business Management

“I understand how difficult college learning can be for some students and feeling a sense of belonging can be challenging. Sometimes students find it difficult to cope with their daily lives and learning side-by-side. Being one of these students I decided to join the Mental Health Ambassadors so that I can support mental health initiatives on campus. Other than MHA, I will be there to provide help and resources to the students as a Peer Mentor. I comfortably speak English, Hindi, and Punjabi and love cycling, walking, and trekking.”

Dylan (he, him, his)
Mental Health Ambassador and Peer Mentor
Marketing Management

“I have decided to become a Mental Health Ambassador because I wanted the chance to learn more about mental health problems and find an opportunity to help others to cope with their mental health problems. A little about myself is that I enjoy spending time with friends, watching movies, and meeting new people and trying new things.”



Madhushree (Madhu) (she, her, hers)
Mental Health Ambassador and Peer Mentor
Post Degree Diploma in Data Analytics

"Hello! My name is Madhushree and I go by she/her. I speak English, Tamil, and Telugu. I am currently pursuing PDD in Data Analytics in Langara College. I became a part of Langara's Mental Health Ambassador because, I believe that mental health is an important part of every student’s life especially during these pandemic times and I wanted to help fellow students overcome any obstacles they may be facing. Apart from studies and volunteering, my hobbies are trying out different cuisines, and reading books."

Richie (he, him, his)
Mental Health Ambassador and Peer Mentor

"My name is Richie, and I am a mature student in my second year of studies in psychology at Langara. My longer-term goals are to transfer to either UBC or SFU to complete a BA (psychology major), then onto an MA in psychology, and eventually my doctoral degree in clinical psych. My passion is personal growth and development and am always reading some type of self-help literature because I believe that self-betterment/self-awareness is the key to achieving success (however that may look for you). I volunteer as a mental health ambassador and peer mentor because I understand how overwhelming navigating college can sometimes be, especially if you are coming back as a mature student! Fun fact about me is that I was a registered massage therapist and business owner for 8 years, occupational health & safety advisor for 6 years, and alongside my education I am involved in success coaching for massage therapists/health and wellness practitioners. I look forward to chatting with you!"