Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can I get help with?

    You can get help with assignments at any stage of the writing process:
    • Getting started
    • Understanding an assignment
    • Identifying readers’ expectations
    • Clarifying the purpose of a given assignment
    • Generating ideas
    • Finding a suitable focus / thesis
    • Strengthening support / giving evidence
    • Achieving clarity and power of expression in your writing
    • Revising a draft

      If there is a particular aspect of an assignment you would like help with, let the tutor know so you can focus specifically on that issue.

  2. Can you only help with writing assignments in English courses? 

    Writing assignments in all subjects, not just English, are accepted.

  3. Can the tutor proofread my paper?

    It is not the tutor’s job to correct or proofread your writing. Rather, it is his or her job to help you improve an assignment and become a better writer.  

For more information, contact the Writing Centre Coordinator.