The Physics Tutoring Service provides a place where students can work on, discuss, and get assistance with physics problems. Physics tutors are available for your questions. Getting help from the Physics Tutoring Service does not mean getting your homework done by a tutor. When you meet with a tutor, you should come prepared with your class notes. If you have missed a class, it is your responsibility to get the notes from a fellow student, and/or to meet with your instructor. If you are having trouble with a particular problem, please bring along your unsuccessful attempts so the tutor can help you to see where your difficulties are and assist you to move towards a solution and a better understanding of the concepts.


Writing and Tutoring Centre located on the 1st floor of Langara Library and Learning Commons


Summer 2018 Schedule (May 22 - Aug 3)

The College will be closed Monday, May 21.

  9:30-10:20 - - - - -
10:30-11:20 OPEN - OPEN - -
11:30-12:20 OPEN - OPEN - -
12:30-13:20 - OPEN - OPEN OPEN
13:30-14:20 - OPEN - OPEN OPEN
14:30-15:20 OPEN - - - OPEN
15:30-16:20 OPEN - - - OPEN

For more info, contact physics@langara.ca.