Room B154, on the second floor of the B building.  The MSAC is not located in the Library Building.

Each term, the MSAC is open from the beginning of the second week of classes until the end of classes. The current schedule is posted below:

The Math & Stats Activity Centre is a place where students can gather to work on, discuss, and obtain assistance with problems in Mathematics and Statistics. There are books, computers, and other tools for exploration, including reference books and texts. Faculty Tutors and Peer Tutors are on hand to give tutorial assistance.

The MSAC operates on a drop-in basis and is open to all Langara students but with first priority given to students actually enrolled in Langara Math or Stat courses. Shortly after the beginning of each semester, a schedule is posted online (see above), on the door of B154, on bulletin boards near Math & Stats faculty offices, and in classrooms. When the MSAC is open, students are welcome to work there and seek advice as needed. However, it is important to work quietly and to yield space if needed to students with specific questions for the tutor.

"Peer Tutors" are upper level students who are most likely to be helpful with lower level courses (MATH 1100, 1101, 1150, 1152, 1170) and are not expected to help with courses above MATH 1170. "Faculty Tutors" are current Langara instructors. Each instructor has certain areas of expertise -- check to see who is able to help with statistics or business math. On the MSAC schedule, "M1100/1101 Testing" indicates times that are reserved for students in MATH 1100 and MATH 1101.

Getting help in the MSAC does not mean getting your homework done by a tutor. When you meet with a tutor in the MSAC, you should come prepared with your class notes. If you have missed a class, it is your responsibility to get the notes from a fellow student, and/or to meet with your instructor -- the MSAC instructors cannot re-create a missed lecture for you. If you are having trouble with a particular problem, please bring along your unsuccessful attempts so the MSAC tutor can help you to see where your difficulties are and can assist you to move towards a solution and towards a better understanding of the mathematical or statistical concepts involved.

MSAC tutors and other resources are there to help students. Don't be afraid to use their services.

The MSAC is also open during the Final Exam period. The online schedule is updated before the final exams begin (see above).

Students interested in applying to be a peer tutor can contact Rob Miller at

Please visit the Mathematics & Statistics Department page for more information on our faculty and math/stats events!