Welcome to our FREE workshops | Fall 2019

SUMMARY: Learn fundamental skills and get valuable tips carefully tailored to improve your productivity and results during your time at Langara and for your future workplace experience.

Time Management, Learning MemorySpeed-ReadingConcentration for Better PerformanceYour Smartphone, Your Health and Your IQ [NEW!]Resilience 101: From Stress to Success, Brain, Emotions, Health, Your Health and Your IQ [NEW!]Take Better Notes Get Better GradesOvercoming ProcrastinationStaying Motivated, Unleash Your Genius Become an A+ StudentStress Management, Happiness: Learn About How You Become Happy, Meditation Techniques for Higher Grades [NEW!], Final Exams Test Anxiety.

Please note: These workshops are free for Langara students to attend. No registration is required, but be respectful of the time of others and please arrive on time.

Description and Schedule

Time Management (Kaveh)
Learn tips on managing your time for the semester and how to budget time for classes, studying and leisure activities.

Monday, Sept. 30, 3:30-4:30 | Room  L216
Tuesday, Oct. 22, 3:30-4:30 | Room  L216

Learning Memory (Kaveh)
There will be some general techniques and exercises to improve your memory for your course work and exams. Bring notes and books that give you the most difficulty.

Tuesday, Oct. 1, 3:30-4:30 | Room  L216
Wednesday, Oct. 23, 3:30-4:30 | Room  L216

Speed-Reading (Kaveh)
This practical, hands-on workshop will teach you to read faster and to master larger chunks of information in shorter periods of time. Note that students MUST bring their own classroom textbooks.

Wednesday, Sept. 11, 3:30-4:30 | Room  L216
Wednesday, Oct. 2, 3:30-4:30 | Room  L216

Concentration for Better Performance (Kaveh)
Students are given specific techniques (e.g. Mastery Learning) that can enhance focus and concentration, leading to a significant increase in academic performance.

Tuesday, Sept. 17, 3:30-4:30 | Room  L216

Your Smartphone, Your Health and Your IQ (Kaveh) [NEW WORKSHOP!]
This workshop focuses on the most recent scientific studies examining the relationship between the use of smartphones, social media and all Wifi-based devices – and their impact on Your Mental and Physical Health and IQ (especially school performance).

Tuesday, Sept. 24, 3:30-4:30 | Room  L216

Resilience 101: From Stress to Success (Merike)
This workshop will discuss the strategies and mindsets that will help you bounce back from difficulty, persist during a challenge, and experience personal and academic success!

Wednesday, Sept. 25,  2:30-3:30 | Room  L216
Monday, Oct. 21, 1:30-2:30 | Room  L216

Brain, Emotions, Health (Kaveh)
We will explore the relationship between the brain and emotions, and how this relationship affects health.

Wednesday, Sept. 18, 3:30-4:30 | Room  L216

Take Better Notes Get Better Grades (Kaveh)
In this workshop, we will focus on a variety of strategies for taking good notes.

Friday, Sept. 13, 2:30-3:30 | Room  L216
Thursday, Oct. 3, 2:00-3:00  | Room  L216

Overcoming Procrastination (Tim)
During this workshop, we will discuss the causes for procrastination and explore strategies for overcoming this problem.

Tuesday, Sept. 24, 1:30-2:30 | Room  L216  
Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2:30-3:30 | Room  L216

Staying Motivated  (Merike)
This workshop will explore motivation, its salient aspects and numerous ways we can generate and maintain motivation in our daily lives. 

Thursday, Sept. 26, 2:30-3:30 | Room  L216

Unleash Your Genius Become an A+ Student (Kaveh)
This workshop will present the latest research findings in Learning and Motivation that pertain to achieving maximum success in school as well as work and relationships. The primary focus of this workshop will be on Dweck's Growth Mind-Set research

Friday, Sept. 27, 2:30-3:30 | Room  L216

Stress Management (Tim)
During this workshop, you will learn about the process that causes stress, and about how you can reduce and manage the stress in your life.

Monday, Sept. 23, 2:30-3:30 | Room  L216
Wednesday, Oct. 9,  2:30-3:30 | Room  L216

Happiness: Learn About How You Become Happy (Kaveh)
This workshop focuses on the scientific basis of Happiness and the latest and most practical research findings that are now being applied to help participants elevate their level of Happiness on a day to day basis.

Friday, Sept. 20, 2:30-3:30 | Room  L216
Friday, Oct. 18, 2:30-3:30| Room  L216

Meditation Techniques for Higher Grades (Kaveh) [New!]
This workshop will examine three of the most effective Meditation (e.g. Focused Awareness, Mindfulness) and emotional management strategies that help improve mental health and contribute to achieving a higher GPA. Students will also be introduced to the impact of Growth Mind-strategies and their potential for expanding brain capacity.

Thursday, Sept. 19, 2:00-3:00 | Room  L216
Wednesday, Oct. 16, 3:30-4:30 | Room  L216

Final Exams Test Anxiety (Kaveh)
In this workshop participants learn how to deal with stress and exam anxiety, as well as specific techniques for taking multiple-choice, true and false and essay type exams.

Monday, Nov. 25, 11:30-12:30 | Room  L216
Monday, Nov. 25, 3:30-4:30  | Room  L216
Tuesday, Nov. 26, 3:30-4:30 | Room  L216
Wednesday, Nov. 27, 3:30-4:30 | Room  L216