Are you on Academic Suspension?

Students on a first academic suspension have the opportunity to develop an academic success plan (ASP). Once the ASP is completed you will submit it to the Registrar and Enrolment Services (RES) for review. If RES approves the ASP you will have the opportunity to return to your studies in the semester after the appeal is granted rather than wait the standard three semester suspension period. Please refer to the policy E2008 for additional information on Academic Standing.

There are many reasons why students have difficulty with their studies. While each student and situation is different there are many similar challenges that can arise. The purpose of the ASP is to:

(1) Help you identify the problems that led to your academic suspension and,

(2) Help you develop solutions for those problems so that you can be successful when you return to your studies.

If you would like to write an Academic Success Plan. The first step is to attend an Academic Success Plan Information Session. Attendance at one of these sessions is a required part of the Academic Success Plan process. If you do not attend one of these information sessions, your plan will not be evaluated. The earlier you attend an information session, the earlier you can start working on your plan.

During the Academic Success Information Session you will get the opportunity to:  

  • Understand College policy and why you have been suspended
  • Learn about your options for requesting early readmission
  • Discover campus resources that can support you getting back on track and back to your studies
Date                                       Time              Room
Friday, August 24                   13:30              B008
Tuesday, August 28               11:00               B008
Friday, August 31                   14:30               B008
Wednesday, Sept.5                13:30               C509
Monday, Sept. 17                    13:30               B022
Thursday, Sept. 20                  11:00               A256
Tuesday, Sept. 25                    13:30              A255