Applying for Graduation

In order to receive a credential for their chosen program, all students must apply for graduation. Students are encouraged to apply for graduation during the semester in which they complete their program requirements. Graduation application forms are available from Registrar & Enrolment Services and online.

Graduation application forms are made available in early July for graduation ceremonies occurring the following June. The application deadline is February 1st. The cost is $25.00 per application for domestic students, and $55 per application for international students. There is also a late fee of $25.00 for any applications received after the posted deadline.

Application Assessment

The program requirements for graduation are based on the effective term a student enters their program. This term is often, but not always, the term in which a student is admitted to the College. It is recommended that students verify their program details on their unofficial transcript by visiting Langara's login page. To change programs, students need complete a program change request form and submit it to Registrar and Enrolment Services.

Term-specific requirements for all programs can be found in the applicable calendar for that term. Students can also use the graduation evaluation tool on Langara's login page to check their specific program requirements.

In addition to fulfilling specific program requirements, students must also adhere to the requirements set out in the Langara credentials policy. Program effective term dates of January 1, 2014 or later are covered under the current credential policy and regulations.

Confirmation of Graduation

Applications for graduation are assessed upon receipt, and if the student has completed all program requirements and is eligible to receive a Langara credential, the student will be sent a notification confirming that the credential has been granted and a notation indicating that the credential has been granted will appear on the student’s transcript. Parchments are issued approximately 2-3 months following end of term. The issuing timeline can be found in the Graduation Application Timeline Table.

Student Information Changes

Any name changes should be completed before submitting an application for graduation is submitted. In the event a student has a name change after submitting an application for graduation, they need to submit a Request for Change of Student Information Form with an official name change document to Registrar & Enrolment Services for processing. Students can make address changes online; however, it is requested that they notify the Graduation Evaluation Team of the change.

Mailing Fee

Students who do not pick up their parchment(s) during the designated pick-up timeframe will have their parchment mailed to the address on file. Parchment(s) are sent by regular mail at no charge to the student.