Guest Tickets

Guest ticket reservation information will be posted here for the 2018 Convocation Ceremonies when reservation dates become available.

Seating in Convocation Hall

Guests must bring either a printed or electronic copy of their ticket for entrance to Convocation Hall.  Students who reserved guest tickets will receive an email with the link to download the tickets for printing or saving as an electronic copy.  Students are reminded to ensure their guests receive a copy of their tickets prior to the ceremony. Guests must be seated by 9:50 am for a morning ceremony and by 1:50 pm for an afternoon ceremony.  We cannot guarantee reserved seating 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the ceremony. Latecomers will be seated in the back row during an appropriate break in the program.

Overflow Rooms

Overflow rooms where additional guests can enjoy a live-stream of the ceremony on campus are available during the Convocation Ceremonies. These guests can then join the students and Convocation Hall guests at the reception following the convocation ceremony.

Guests Needing Assistance to Access the Convocation Hall

Guests who are unable to navigate stairs are requested to speak to a Graduation Host. The Host will guide mobility impaired guests to the best accessible route based upon the guest's current location. We will have a number of Hosts throughout the campus as well as at designated locations, such as the information booths.

See Special Assistance/Accessibility for more information.