Convocation Day

Ceremony timelines will be updated here as they become available.

Getting Your Regalia

Graduands must report to the Gown Room at least 1 hour before the ceremony is scheduled to begin in order to don their regalia.

Getting Your Credential(s)

After donning their regalia, graduands need to pick-up their credential(s). Photo ID is required.

Preparing for the Processional

All graduands must report to the procession area no later than 25 minutes prior to the ceremony. Graduands will be asked to line up for the procession according to their graduation number (printed on the back of their phonetic name card). Aside from the graduand's credential, any items on hand will have to be stored underneath the graduand's seat in Convocation Hall.

The first graduand in line for each program is given the name of the program on a card. This card will be given to the dean who will announce the name of the program before the graduand's name is read. We appreciate the assistance of the first graduand in each program to ensure that the other graduands are lined up according to their graduation number.

Graduands receiving two credentials should be in the position to receive the highest credential. The Dean will read your name for both credentials.

The Processional

The procession into Convocation Hall is led by the chief graduation marshall in the following order: graduands, platform party, and faculty.

The Ceremony

The ceremony lasts approximately one and a half hours. The presentation of the graduands follows immediately after addresses by a number of platform party members.

Once the graduands have their program and names read by the Dean, they will greet the members of the platform party and then will return to their seats by crossing in front of the platform.

Each graduand will be photographed as they walk across the stage to receive their credential. Please see our photography section about how to obtain these pictures.

Family and friends are invited to take pictures of the graduands in an area to the west side of the platform that will be corded off for this purpose.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, starting with the front two rows, graduates exit Convocation Hall following the platform party, faculty, and deans.

After the Ceremony

Graduates must return their regalia to the Gown Room immediately following the ceremony, before proceeding to the reception. The cap is the graduands to keep as a memento of the occasion.


Immediately following the ceremony, graduates and their guests are invited to join us for refreshments at the reception.