Sandip Gill - Diploma in Recreation Leadership

Lieutenant Governor’s Medal / Langara College Lieutenant Governor’s Medal Award

Sandip is proud to have her academic  accomplishments and community service recognized by receiving the Lieutenant Governor's Medal. During her time at Langara, Sandip was insipred by the passion and dedication of her instructors. She also enjoyed attending the many multicultural events that offered her opportunities to learn more about her classmates' backgrounds. As Sandip moves on to complete her Bachelor of Recreation Management at Langara, she advises future students to maintain a balanced lifestyle, and to always make time to relax, pursue hobbies and participate in recreation.

Allison Marriott -  Bachelor of Recreation Management 

President’s Medal for Academic Excellence and Community Service

Allison completed her Bachelor of Recreation Management while working full-time and volunteering in her community. She is grateful for the flexibility Langara provided, which allowed her to successfully fulfill her work commitments while pursuing her educational goals. Allison is now looking forward to fully dedicating herself to her job at Alberta Hockey, and implementing new initiatives based on what she learned at Langara. She is excited to be recognized for her academic success, emphasizing that her time at Langara has inspired her to pursue a Master of Business Administration in the future.

Lindsay Alley -  Diploma in Arts & Science

Governor General’s Collegiate Bronze Medal & Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Arts and Science)

Lindsay achieved the highest cumulative GPA for a student graduating from an arts and science program and is very excited to be receiving her first ever medal! Lindsay made the most of her time at Langara working as a research assistant and peer tutor, and is now ready to begin third year at SFU. She encourages future Langara students to get to know their instructors as they offer valuable insight, support, and opportunities beyond the course material.

Adrian Tong -  Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Bachelor’s Degree)

Adrian is graduating from Langara with the highest cumulative GPA in a bachelor's degree program. He is honoured to be recognized for his hard work and determination to succeed. Adrian advises future graduates to take advantage of the many opportunities Langara offers, noting that his involvement in the Langara Accounting Club, and his participation in Peer Supported Learning were the highlights of his time here. Adrian is thankful for all of the support he received from staff, instructors, and donors over the years, and is excited to continue on his journey to becoming a designated accountant.

David So -  Bachelor of Science in Nursing

President’s Medal for Academic Excellence and Community Service

David's commitment to his community is reflected in his desire to work as a Community Health Nurse, and in his strong motivation to bring positive change to disadvantaged populations. While studying nursing at Langara, he came to recognize the nurse's role as an agent of change, and made his best memories during his clinical placements within the community. David is honoured to be recognized for his efforts and achievements, and is thankful that his time at Langara has helped him to develop his passion to serve his community.

Marianna Furtado Cavalcante - Post-Degree Diploma in Marketing Management

Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Career)

Taking a big risk and moving to Canada from Brazil has paid off for Marianna who is graduating with a Post-Degree Diploma in Marketing Management with the highest cumulative GPA in a two-year career program. Marianna credits her success to her dedicated fellow students, whom she considers to be like family, for challenging and supporting one another. She is also grateful to her passionate and helpful instructors, whose guidance facilitated her transitioning to a new and exciting career path. Marianna reminds future students to always do their best and that positive results will follow with hard work.

Kimberly Currie -  Certificate in Education Assistant

Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Certificate)

Kimberly has completed the Certificate in Education Assistant with the highest cumulative GPA in a certificate program. She is grateful to her approachable and supportive instructors who so knowledgeably incorporated the latest research and best practices into their lessons. She is also thankful for the opportunity to have participated in the program's practicums as they afforded her an opportunity to put those lessons into practice and to work with children who need extra help in achieving their academic and life goals. Now having completed her practicums, Kimberly is looking forward to entering the workforce and to working more closely with these children.