Jaspreet Bunwait - Certificate in Social Service Worker

Lieutenant Governor's Medal / Langara College Lieutenant Governor's Medal Award

Jaspreet has been recognized with the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal and corresponding Langara Award. Over the years, Jaspreet has worked with at-risk youth, newcomers to Canada, and people with disabilities and mental illness. The Certificate in Social Service Worker has prepared her to critically apply herself and advocate for the disadvantaged population in our society. She credits her passionate and helpful instructors as one of the biggest factors to her success at Langara, and could not have accomplished this level of success without her supportive and encouraging family. 

Daniel Crough - Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing Management 

President’s Medal for Academic Excellence and Community Service

During his time at Langara, Daniel was an active and engaged student, demonstrating academic excellence and community service. He worked with student groups like the Langara Environmental Club and The Collective; he completed a co-op designation, and he also participated in the first ever Langara China Field Study trip. In addition to his on-campus activities, Daniel has been an active volunteer in his community. Since completing his program, he has started a community outreach program that focuses on supporting non-profits and charities with their digital marketing efforts. 

Elysha Fong - Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology

Governor General’s Collegiate Bronze Medal & Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Arts and Science)

Elysha is recognized for her academic excellence and is graduating with the highest cumulative grade point average from a two year program. Her studies have given her a new perspective, and her sense of balance is inspiring; she understands that you cannot give your best effort if you are sick or unhappy or sleep-deprived. She advises it is important to nourish yourself, replenish your body, enjoy your passion, and embrace challenge. 

Rachel Venner - Bachelor of Recreation Management 

Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Bachelor’s Degree)

Rachel has completed her Degree with the highest cumulative grade point average from students graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree. Rachel believes the skills she has gained in the program, particularly critical thinking and analysis will serve her well in her career and everyday life. She credits small class sizes and the opportunity to work with other students for helping her create friendships that will last beyond post-secondary education. 

Keltie Post - Bachelor of Recreation Management

President’s Medal for Academic Excellence and Community Service

While volunteering in her community and working part-time, Keltie has graduated with a Bachelor of Recreation Management Degree, while achieving academic excellence and community service.  She acknowledges the dedicated and passionate instructors in the program for helping her broaden her knowledge and awareness of recreation.  With her dog Sadie at her side, Keltie has volunteered at the Fraser Valley Cancer Agency and St. John’s Ambulance, amongst other volunteer experiences. 

Kim Smart - Bachelor of Science in Nursing

President’s Medal for Academic Excellence and Community Service

Kim has achieved both academic excellence and community service, spending many hours over the last twenty years volunteering in the community.  She has donated her time to Baby Wellness Clinics, the Vancouver Canucks Children’s Hospice, the Union Gospel Mission, Harvest Project, and the North Vancouver Neighborhood House, among others. Throughout this, Kim says that she has continually been amazed that giving has always, ironically, given back to her more than she could have ever imagined.  

Nina Chen - Diploma in Library and Information Technology

Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Career)

Nina is graduating with the Diploma in Library and Information Technology with the highest cumulative grade point average from a two-year career program at Langara College. Nina credits the practicum portion of the program as a great way to make contacts, try different fields, and put class learning to use, and credits the program for giving her all the tools she needed to succeed.  She says she will always appreciate the quality of instruction, enthusiasm, and genuine desire of instructors to help students learn.  

Jessica Lowe - Certificate in Social Service Worker

Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Certificate)

Jessica has successfully completed the Certificate in Social Service Worker with the highest cumulative grade point average from a certificate program. Jessica feels the program has allowed her to move towards a complete change of career, in a practical way. Jessica’s goal is to work in the field of Victim Services and/or helping those suffering from traumatic loss, grief, and bereavement.