Anton Friedman - Graduate, Arts and Science Program

Graduate Excellence Award (Arts and Science) & Governor General’s Bronze Medal

Anton Friedman began his post-secondary education taking Psychology, Geography and Languages in the Arts and Science Program at Langara College. However, when he took a Biology course to satisfy the science requirement for the program, he fell in love with science! He went on to take Chemistry, Math and Physics. Anton has transferred his credits to the University of British Columbia for the Fall Semester, where he will further his studies in General Biology.
Anton has worked hard to put himself through school, and believes that Langara College has given him a solid basis for his future education. “College is underrated – the manageable class sizes and approachable teachers create a really nice environment to try various subjects – I am very happy with my decision to attend Langara College.”

Jennifer Minnion - Graduate, Early Childhood Education

Recipient: Graduate Excellence Award (Career)

Jennifer Minnion knew she wanted to work with children. She heard that the Early Childhood Education Program at Langara College had a great reputation, that it was looked upon favourably by employers, and that its graduates were able to get the jobs they wanted. Jennifer also liked that after three terms, she would have the skills she needed to work in her chosen field.
Of her instructors, Jennifer says, “They love and respect children – they provide a good model of how to have a relationship with a child.”
Jennifer is currently working full-time in the same early childhood centre where she completed her volunteer experience. Her future plans include completing a degree in childcare, then opening her own home daycare.

Laura Allison - Graduate, Social Service Worker Program

Recipient: Lieutenant Governor’s Silver Medal

Laura Allison’s interest in travel and working with children first led her to Taiwan where she taught English to students aged two years to adult. Returning to Canada, she became qualified to work in daycare and preschool settings, and spent several years with the YWCA’s childcare programs. These experiences led to a desire to work with children and their families in a more supportive and broader role such as social work.
A Diploma in Social Services emerged as the next logical step, and the Langara Social Service Worker Program came highly recommended.  “I found the course content meaningful and the faculty supportive and inspiring,” Laura states, “My interest in the field was confirmed.” Laura’s next goal is a Bachelor of Social Work, building on the strong foundation she received at Langara College.Thanks to Neal for all his contributions to Langara College.

Kevin Chen - Graduate, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Recipient: President’s Medal for Academic Excellence and Community Service

Kevin Chen discovered his niche. He has always loved working with people, and found the Langara College Nursing Program to be an excellent choice.

“The Nursing instructors were exceptional,” says Kevin.

“The program helped prepare me for my current position as a Registered Nurse at St. Paul’s Hospital on a surgical unit.”

Kevin’s instructor, Heather Hume, writes “Kevin exhibited strong leadership and mentorship skills for fellow nursing students… (and) was a motivated professional role model. He is a valuable member of the nursing team who consistently achieved excellent results.”

In the near future, Kevin plans to pursue further education in critical care nursing.

Tammy Sawatzky - Graduate, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Recipient: Graduate Excellence Award (Bachelor’s Degree)

Tammy Sawatzky was chosen for this award because of her drive to succeed. She spent her preceptorship on the Bone Marrow Transplant/Leukemia Unit at Vancouver General Hospital. Tammy also worked as an employed student nurse at Surrey Memorial Hospital (SMH) on the Surgical Unit.

Taking the advice from experienced nurses to work in a generalized area before entering a specialty, Tammy has accepted a full-time position at SMH on the Surgical/Orthopedic Unit.

“Due to the step-down beds on the Surgical Unit, I will receive additional training in telemetry, high acuity, and critical care. This training will enable me to branch out into a specialty area, such as cardiac care.”