Oct 7, 2019

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Auxiliary Sciences of History

Ancient lives : an introduction to archaeology and prehistory /Brian M. Fagan.London : Routledge.

CC 165 F27 2016

Archaeology : a brief introduction /Brian M. Fagan and Nadia Durrani.London : Routledge.

CC 165 F28 2016

An introduction to archaeological chemistry /by T. Douglas Price, James H. Burton.New York : Springer.

CC 79 C5 P75 2012

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Bibliography. Library Science.

Comics and critical librarianship : reframing the narrative in academic libraries /edited by Olivia Piepmeier and Stephanie Grimm.Sacramento, CA : Library Juice Press.

Z 688 C64 P54 2019

Guide to streaming video acquisitions /edited by Eric Hartnett.Chicago : ALA Editions.

Z 692 S77 H37 2019

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Fine Arts

The artists who will change the world /Omar Kholeif ; introduction by Douglas Coupland.London : Thames & Hudson.

N 6496.8 K46 2018

Art_Latin_America : against the survey /edited by James Oles with Lisa Fischman.Austin, TX : University of Texas Press.

N 6502.5 O54 2019

Suzanne Lacy : we are here /Suzanne Lacy ; edited by Rudolf Frieling, Lucía Sanromán, and Dominic Willsdon ; with contributions by Jessica D. Brier [and 4 others]San Francisco ; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

N 6537 L26 A4 2019

Towards an African Canadian art history : art, memory, and resistance /edited by Charmaine A. Nelson.Concord, ON : Captus Press.

N 6549.5 B53 N45 2019

The art of feminism : images that shaped the fight for equality, 1857-2017 /Helena Reckitt, consulting editor; written by Lucinda Gosling, Hilary Robinson, and Amy Tobin ; preface by Maria Balshaw ; foreword by Xabier Arakistain.San Francisco : Chronicle Books.

N 72 F45 G67 2018

Women artists /Flavia Frigeri.New York : Thames & Hudson.

N 8354 F75 2019

The man in the Glass House : Philip Johnson, architect of the modern century /Mark Lamster.New York : Little, Brown and Company.

NA 737 J6 L36 2018


History of illustration /Susan Doyle, editor ; Jaleen Grove, Whitney Sherman, associate editors.New York : Fairchild Books, 2019.

NC 998 H57 2019

Book of beasts : the bestiary in the medieval world /edited by Elizabeth Morrison with the assistance of Larisa Grollemond.Los Angeles : The J. Paul Getty Museum.

ND 3339 M67 2019

The pictorial art of El Greco : transmaterialities, temporalities, and media /Livia Stoenescu.Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press.

ND 813 T4 S76 2019

Edvard Munch : love and angst /edited by Giulia Bartrum.New York : Thames & Hudson.

NE 694 M8 B37 2019

The rise of everyday design : the Arts and Crafts Movement in Britain and America /edited by Monica Penick and Christopher Long.Austin : Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin.

NK 1140 P46 2019

Modernism /Peter Childs.Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge.

NX 454.5 M63 C48 2017

Arts and cultural programming : a leisure perspective /Gaylene Carpenter, Doug Blandy, editors.Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics.

NX 760 C37 2008

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Geography. Anthropology. Recreation

The uninhabitable earth : life after warming /David Wallace-Wells.New York : Tim Duggan Books.

GF 75 W25 2019

Reading cultural anthropology : an ethnographic introduction /edited by Pamela Stern ; with a foreword by Robert Robin Dods.Don Mills : Oxford University Press.

GN 316 S84 2016

Asking questions about Cultural Anthropology : a concise introduction /Robert L. Welsch, Luis A. Vivanco.New York : Oxford University Press.

GN 316 W469 2019

Decolonizing research : indigenous storywork as methodology /edited by Jo-ann Archibald Q'um Q'um Xiiem, Jenny Bol Jun Lee-Morgan and Jason De Santolo ; with a foreword by Linda Tuhiwai Smith.London : ZED Books Ltd.

GN 378 X55 2019

Food studies : a hands-on guide /Willa Zhen.London : Bloomsbury Academic.

GT 2860 Z44 2019

Sport, violence and society /Kevin Young.Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge.

GV 706.7 Y68 2019

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History of the Americas

Accounting for genocide : Canada's bureaucratic assault on aboriginal people /Dean Neu, Richard Therrien.Black Point, Nova Scotia ; Fernwood Publishing.

E 92 N48 2003

Continuous journey /a film by Ali Kazimi ; produced in association with TVOntario ; with the generous support of the South Asian Heritage Foundation.Toronto : Peripheral Visions Film & Video.

FC 106 S55 Online

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Nothing to write home about : British family correspondence and the settler colonial everyday in British Columbia /Laura Ishiguro.Vancouver : UBC Press.

FC 3850 B7 I84 2019

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Language and Literature

Reading Homer's Odyssey /Kostas Myrsiades.Lewisburg, Pennslyvania : Bucknell University Press.

PA 4167 M97 2019


Don't read poetry : a book about how to read poems /Stephanie Burt.New York : Basic Books, 2019.

PN 1042 B87 2019

Mercury /Australian Broadcasting Corporation.Richmond Hill, Ontario : BFS Entertainment & Multimedia Limited.

PN 1992.8 N38 M47 2003


The Grizzlies /Northwood Entertainment ; Puhitaq ; The Kennedy Marshall Company ; Jake Steinfeld Productions ; Pacific Northwest Pictures ; Mongrel Media.Toronto : Mongrel Media, 2019.

PN 1997.2 Online

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Narrative /Paul Cobley.Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge.

PN 3383 N35 C63 2014

Fairy tale /Andrew Teverson.Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge.

PN 3437 T46 2013

Modernism, postcolonialism, and globalism : Anglophone literature, 1950 to the present /edited by Richard Begam and Michael Valdez Moses.New York : Oxford University Press.

PN 56 M54 B44 2019

Race /Martin Orkin, with Alexa Alice Joubin.Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge.

PN 56 R16 O75 2019

Satire /John T. Gilmore.Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge.

PN 6149 S2 G55 2018


On a sunbeam /Tillie Walden.New York : First Second, 2018.

PN 6727 W35 O5 2018

Britannia /writer, Peter Milligan ; artists, Juan Jose Ryp, Robert Gill ; color artists, Jordie Bellaire, Frankie D'Armata, Jose Villarrubia ; letterer, Dave Sharpe.New York : Valiant Entertainment LLC.

PN 6748 B75 M55 2019


The value of ecocriticism /Timothy Clark.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2019.

PN 98 E36 C53 2019

Ecocriticism /Greg Garrard.Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge.

PR 143 G37 2012

Gothic /Fred Botting.Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge.

PR 830 T3 B68 2014

Black writers matter /edited by Whitney French.Regina : University of Regina Press.

PS 8235 B6 F74 2019

The Testaments : a novel /Margaret Atwood.Canada : McClelland & Stewart.

PS 8501 T9 T47 2019

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Business and legal forms for photographers /Tad Crawford.New York : Allworth Press.

KF 2042 P45 C73 2015

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Nature Rx : improving college-student mental health /Donald A. Rakow and Gregory T. Eells.Ithaca, New York : Comstock Publishing Associates.

RC 451.4 S7 R25 2019

Never enough : the neuroscience and experience of addiction /Judith Grisel.New York : Doubleday.

RC 564 G75 2019

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Philosophy. Psychology. Religion


An introduction to the psychology of humor /Janet M. Gibson.London : Routledge, 2019.

BF 575 L3 G53 2019

Monasticism : a very short introduction /Stephen J. Davis.Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press.

BL 631 D28 2018

Poverty and the poor in the world's religious traditions : religious responses to the problem of poverty /William H. Brackney and Rupen Das, editors; foreword by Dr. Clinton Bennett.Santa Barbara : Praeger.

BL 65 P75 P68 2019

Muslims : their religious beliefs and practices /Andrew Rippin and Teresa Bernheimer.London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

BP 161.2 R53 2019


Buddhist texts through the ages /translated and edited by Edward Conze [and 3 others]London: Oneworld Pub lications, 2014.

BQ 1138 C69 2014

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Political Science

White identity politics /Ashley Jardina, Duke University, North Carolina.Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press.

JK 1764 J37 2019

Colonialism/postcolonialism /Ania Loomba.London : Routledge.

JV 51 L66 2016

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Losing Earth : a recent history /Nathaniel Rich.New York : MCD/Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

QC 981.8 G56 R53 2019

Corridor ecology : linking landscapes for biodiversity conservation and climate adaptation /Jodi A. Hilt, y, Annika T.H. Keeley, William Z. Lidicker Jr. and Adina M. Merenlender; foreword by Hugh Possingham.Washington, DC : Island Press.

QH 541.15 C67 H55 2019


Pacific Northwest insects /by Merrill A. Peterson.Seattle : Seattle Audubon Society, 2018.

QL 475 N67 P48 2018

Amphibians of the Pacific Northwest /Lawrence L.C. Jones, William P. Leonard and Deanna H. Olson, editors.Seattle : Seattle Audubon Society.

QL 653 P23 J66 2005

Biodynamics of physical activity : Kinesiology 1100 /Harry Lendvoy.New York : McGraw Hill Education.

QP 303 B56 2017

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Social Sciences

Creativity on demand : the dilemmas of innovation in an accelerated age /Eitan Y. Wilf.Chicago : The University of Chicago Press.

HD 53 W55 2019


Toxic sludge is good for you : the public relations industry unspun /Media Education Foundation.Northampton, Massachusetts : Media Education Foundation, 2002.

HD 59.6 U6 Online

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Managerial accounting /Ray H. Garrison, Theresa Libby, Alan Webb, Eric W. Noreen, Peter C. Brewer.Toronto : McGraw Hill Ryerson.

HF 5657.4 M38 2015

Media anthropology for the digital age /Anna Cristina Pertierra.Cambridge, UK : Polity.

HM 851 P47 2018

Power shift : the longest revolution /Sally Armstrong.Toronto : House of Anansi Press Inc.

HQ 1236 A76 2019

Untold stories : a Canadian disability history reader /edited by Nancy Hansen, Roy Hanes, and Diane Driedger.Toronto : Canadian Scholars.

HV 1559 C2 H36 2018

Cyberbullying at university in international contexts /edited by Wanda Cassidy, Chantal Faucher, and Margaret Jackson.Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge.

HV 6773.15 C92 C93 2019

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A short course in photography : film and darkroom : an introduction to photographic technique /Barbara London, Jim Stone.Hoboken, New Jersey : Pearson.

TR 146 L618 2019

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World History

World politics in a new era /Steven L. Spiegel [and 3 others].New York : Oxford University Press.

D 443 S75 2015

Carolingian civilization : a reader /edited by Paul Edward Dutton.Toronto : University of Toronto Press.

DC 70 C37 2009

Bismarck : a political history /Edgar Feuchtwanger.London : Routledge.

DD 218 F48 2014

Arabs : a 3,000-year history of peoples, tribes and empires /Tim Mackintosh-Smith.New Haven : Yale University Press.

DS 218 M33 2019

Cold war in the Islamic world : Saudi Arabia, Iran and the struggle for supremacy /Dilip Hiro.New York : Oxford University Press.

DS 63.123 H57 2018

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Unclassified Paperback Fiction


Hidden lives : a family memoir /Margaret Forster.London : Penguin Books, 1996.


In search of Conrad /Gavin Young ; illustrations by Salim.London : Penguin Books.


The wolves at Evelyn : journeys through a dark century /Harold Rhenisch.Canada : Brindle & Glass Publishing.



One Indian girl /Chetan Bhagat.New Delhi : Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd, 2016.



Half girlfriend /Chetan Bhagat.New Delhi : Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd, 2014.



The way you make me feel /Maurene Goo.New York : Square Fish, 2019.


Letters to my ex /Nikita Singh.Noida, Uttar Pradesh : HarperCollins India.



The sun is also a star /Nicola Yoon.New York : Ember, 2019.


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