Aug 9, 2019

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Grain by grain : a quest to revive ancient wheat, rural jobs, and healthy food /Bob Quinn and Liz Carlisle.Washington, DC : Island Press.

S 605.5 Q56 2019

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Bibliography. Library Science.

A book of 60 hand-lettered alphabets : a guide to better lettering for artists and designers of signs, showcards, displays, exhibits and advertising layouts /by J. I. Biegeleisen.Cincinnati : Signs of the Times.

Z 250 B4 1976

Made with Creative Commons /Paul Stacey and Sarah Hinchliff Pearson.Copenhagen, Denmark : Ctrl+Alt+Delete Books.

Z 286 O63 S73 2017


Recipes for mindfulness in your library : supporting resilience and community engagement /edited by Madeleine Charney, Jenny Colvin, and Richard Moniz.Chicago : ALA Editions, 2019.

Z 711 R43 2019

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Protest! Student activism in America.Edited by Julian Foster and Durward Long.New York, Morrow.

LA 229 F63 1970


Non-regular : precarious academic labour at Emily Carr University of Art + Design /by Terra Poirier.Vancouver, British Columbia : UNIT/PITT Projects, 2018.

LB 2331.7 P65 2018

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Fine Arts

Creative and mental growth /Viktor Lowenfeld, W. Lambert Brittain.New York : Macmillan.

N 350 L62 1987


Mapping modernisms : art, indigeneity, colonialism /Elizabeth Harney and Ruth B. Phillips, editors.Durham, North Carolina : Duke University Press, 2018.

N 6351.2 I53 M36 2018

Art nouveau : patterns and designs /R. Beauclair ; introduction by Laura Suffield.London : Bracken Books.

N 6465 A7 B43 1988

Yasumasa Morimura /editor, Hubert Klocker.Zurndorf, Austria : Sammlung Friedrichshof.

N 6494 A66 Y37 2018

The making of an archive /a project initiated by Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen ; edited by Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen, Vanessa Kwan, Dan Pon.Vancouver, British Columbia : Grunt Gallery.

N 6545.6 G78 N6 2018

Masterpieces of impressionism & post-impressionism : the Annenberg Collection /Colin B. Bailey & Joseph J. Rishel & Mark Rosenthal, with the assistance of Veerle Thielemans.New York : Philadelphia Museum of Art.

N 6847.5 I4 B35 1989


Art of Renaissance Florence : a city and its legacy /Scott Nethersole.London : Laurence King Publishing, 2019.

N 6921 F7 N48 2019

Social forms : a short history of political art /Christian Viveros-Fauné.New York : David Zwirner Books.

N 72 P6 V58 2018


A history of Far Eastern art /by Sherman E. Lee.Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey : Prentice-Hall, Inc., [1964].

N 7260 L33 1964

Japanese women artists, 1600-1900 /Patricia Fister ; with a guest essay by Fumiko Y. Yamamoto.Lawrence : Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas.

N 7353.5 F57 1988

5,000 years of Korean art : an exhibition = [Hanʼguk misul ochʻŏnnyŏn] /organized by the National Museum of Korea.San Francisco : Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.

N 7362 A15 1979


Drawing as performance : theatrical games and techniques for visual artists /Orly Orbach.New York : Routledge, 2019.

N 7430.5 O73 2019

Art, space, ecology : two views, twenty interviews /John K. Grande ; foreword by Edward Lucie-Smith.Montreal : Black Rose Books.

N 8217 E28 G73 2019


The word is art /Michael Petry.New York : Thames & Hudson, 2018.

N 8219 L4 P48 2018

I'm not myself at all : women, art, and subjectivity in Canada /Kristina Huneault.Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press.

N 8354 H86 2018

One artist, one material : fifty-five makers on their medium.Amsterdam : Frame Publishers.

N 8530 O54 2018


Pioneers of Soviet architecture : the search for new solutions in the 1920s and 1930s /Selim O. Khan-Magomedov ; translated from the Russian by Alexander Lieven ; edited by Catherine Cooke.London : Thames & Hudson, 1987.

NA 1188 K413 1987

The art of glass : integrating architecture and glass /Stephen Knapp.Gloucester, Massachusetts : Rockport Publishers.

NA 4140 K63 1998


Franciscan mission architecture of California /by Rexford Newcomb.New York : Dover Publications, Inc., 1988.

NA 5230 C2 N49 1988

William Galloway : a Canadian Scotsman in Africa /Bill Galloway.Vancouver : Bill Galloway.

NA 740 G17 2016

The modern city : planning in the 19th century /Francoise Choay ; translated by Marguerite Hugo and George R. Collins.New York : George Braziller.

NA 9094 C47 1969

Gargoyles and grotesques : paganism in the medieval church /Ronald Sheridan and Anne Ross.Boston : New York Graphic Society Ltd.

NB 170 S47 1975

Ruth Asawa : life's work /edited by Tamara H. Schenkenberg ; essays by Aruna D'Souza, Helen Molesworth, and Tamara H. Schenkenberg.St. Louis : Pulitzer Arts Foundation.

NB 237 A82 A4 2019


Cartoons of the roaring twenties /edited by R.C. Harvey.Seattle, Washington : Fantagraphics Books, 1991-1992.

NC 1426 C37

Susan Rothenberg /by Joan Simon.New York : Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

ND 237 R72484 S55 1991

One man show /Beryl Cook.London : John Murray.

ND 497 C723 A39 1981


Toulouse-Lautrec : his complete lithographs and drypoints /by Jean Adhémar.New York : Harry N. Adbrams, Inc., [1965]

ND 553 T7 A34 1965


The notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci /arranged, rendered into English and introduced by Edward MacCurdy.Old Saybrook, CT : Konecky & Konecky, [2003?]

ND 623 L5 A5 2003

Pietro Longhi : dal disegno alla pittura /Terisio Pignatti.Venezia : Alfieri.

ND 623 L74 P54 1975

Vitamin T : threads & textiles in contemporary art /commissioning editor, Rebecca Morrill ; project editors, Louisa Elderton and Catalina Imizcoz.London : Phaidon Press Limited.

NK 1105 M67 2019


Ref-book 2 : flowers, plants, fruits, trees, herbs /arranged and edited by Wolfgang H. Hageney.Rome : Belvedere, 1988.

NK 1530 R47 1988

The art of emptiness = Yohaku no bi Sakaida Kakiemon /Sakaida Kakiemon XIV ; translated by Gavin Frew.Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture.

NK 4399 K3 S35 2019


Japanese stencil designs /one hundred outstanding examples collected and introduced by Andrew W. Tuer.New York : Dover Publications,Inc., 1967.

NK 8650 T8 1967

Decorative art in Indonesian textiles /Laurens Langewis and Frits A. Wagner.Amsterdam : C.P.J. van der Peet.

NK 8980 A1 L36 1964


The music of color /Shimura Fukumi ; photography by Inoue Takao ; translated by Matt Treyvaud.Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture (JPIC), 2019.

NK 9502.5 S55 2019

The book of Urushi : Japanese lacquerware from a master /Gonroku Matsuda ; supervised by Kazumi Murose ; translated by Michael Brase and Makiko Komada.Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture.

NK 9900 M313 2019

Japanese lacquer /by Ann Yonemura.Washington : Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution.

NK 9900.7 J3 Y66 1979


Marina Abramovic /Mary Richards.London : Routledge, 2019.

NX 571 Y84 A27 2019

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Geography. Anthropology. Recreation

Pilgrimages in the secular age : from El Camino to anime /Ryōsuke Okamoto ; translated by Deborah Iwabuci and Kazuko Enda.Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture.

G 156.5 R44 O34 2019

Every day a good day : fifteen lessons I learned about happiness from Japanese tea culture /Noriko Morishita ; translated by Eleanor Goldsmith.Tokyo, Japan : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture.

GT 2916 M671 2019

Tailored for freedom : the artistic dress around 1900 in fashion, art, and society /edited by Ina Ewers-Schultz and Magdalena Holzhey.Krefeld, Germany : Kunstmuseen Krefeld.

GT 523 T35 2018

Everyone wins! : cooperative games & activities for all ages /Josette & Ba Luvmour.Gabriola Island, British Columbia : New Society Publishers.

GV 1203 L89 2019

Leisure services management /Amy R. Hurd [and 3 others]Champaign, Illinois : Human Kinetics.

GV 181.5 H87 2020

303 kid-approved exercises and active games : ages 6-8 /Kimberly Wechsler ; foreword by Darren S. McLaughlin ; illustrated by Michael Sleva.Alameda, California : Hunter House Inc., Publishers.

GV 443 W43 2013

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History of the Americas

The remarkable history of Japan-US relations /Kōsaka Masataka ; translated by Terry Gallagher.Tokyo, Japan : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture,

E 183.8 J3 K56 2019


The worst years of our lives : irreverent notes from a decade of greed /Barbara Ehrenreich.New York : HarperPerennial, 1991.

E 876 E34 1991


Welcome to the desert of the real! : five essays on 11 September and related dates /Slavoj Žižek.London : Verso, 2002.

E 902 Z49 2002

The constant liberal : Pierre Trudeau, organized labour, and the Canadian social democratic left /Christo Aivalis.Vancouver : UBC Press.

F 1034.3 T7 A78 2018

Celebration : Chinese Canadian legacies in British Columbia /authors, Winnie L. Cheung, Carolyn Heiman, Imogene Lim, David H.T. Wong, Jim Wong-Chu ; edited by Carolyn Heiman.British Columbia : Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

FC 3850 C5 C54 2017

Ladies, upstairs! : my life in politics and after /Monique Bégin.Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press.

FC 626 B42 A3 2018

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Language and Literature

Demagoguery and democracy /Patricia Roberts-Miller.New York : The Experiment.

P 301.5 P67 R64 2017


Learn Latin from the Romans : a complete introductory course using textbooks from the Roman Empire /Eleanor Dickey.Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2018.

PA 2087.5 D53 2018

Interchange : reading and writing critically /Christine Evans Carter, John Stilla.Toronto: Nelson Education Ltd.

PE 1408 C37 2020

The reader : contemporary essays and writing strategies /Carolyn Meyer, Bruce Meyer.Toronto : Prentice Hall.

PE 1417 M494 2001

Everything's an argument /Andrea A. Lunsford, John J. Ruszkiewicz.Boston : Bedford/St Martin's.

PE 1431 L86 2016

A practical Chinese grammar /Hung-nin Samuel Cheung ; with the collaboration of Sze-yun Liu and Li-lin Shih.Hong Kong : The Chinese University Press.

PL 1111 C58 1994

Imitations of life : a reader on film & television melodrama /edited by Marcia Landy.Detroit : Wayne State University Press.

PN 1995.9 M45 M37 1991

Oh Lucy! /a Matchgirl Pictures production with Gloria Sanchez Productions and Meridian Content ; a film by Atsuko Hirayanagi.New York : Film Movement.

PN 1997.2 O4 2018

True to the spirit : film adaptation and the question of fidelity /edited by Colin MacCabe, Kathleen Murray, and Rick Warner.New York : Oxford University Press.

PN 1997.85 T78 2011


Michael Chekhov's acting technique : a practitioner's guide /Sinéad Rushe.London : Methuen Drama, 2019.

PN 2061 R87 2019

Memoirs of a loose cannon /by Simma Holt.Hamilton, ON : Seraphim Editions.

PN 4913 H64 A3 2008

After queer studies : literature, theory and sexuality in the 21st century /edited by Tyler Bradway, E.L. McCallum.Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press.

PN 56 H57 B73 2019


Prophet. 1, Remission /story, Brandon Graham, Simon Roy, Farel Dalrymple, Giannis Milonogiannis, Marian Churchland ; art, Simon Roy, Farel Dalrymple, Giannis Milonogiannis, Marian Churchland ; colors, Richard Ballermann, Joseph Bergin III, Brandon Graham, Jason Wordie ; letters, Ed Brisson.Berkeley, California : Image Comics, Inc., 2012.

PN 6727 G68 P7 2012 v. 1


Prophet. 2, Brothers /story, Brandon Graham, Giannis Milonogiannis, Simon Roy, Farel Dalrymple ; art, Giannis Milonogiannis, Brandon Graham, Farel Dalrymple, Simon Roy, Fil Barlow, Helen Maier, Boo Cook ; colors, Joseph Bergin III, Brandon Graham, Giannis Milonogiannis ; letters, Ed Brisson.Berkeley, California : Image Comics, Inc., 2013.

PN 6727 G68 P7 2013 v. 2


Prophet. 3, Empire /story, Brandon Graham, Simon Roy, Giannis Milonogiannis ; art, Simon Roy, Giannis Milonogiannis [and seven others] ; colors, Joseph Bergin III, Simon Roy, Giannis Milonogiannis ; letters, Ed Brisson.Berkeley, California : Image Comics, Inc., 2014.

PN 6727 G68 P7 2014 v. 3


Prophet. 4, Joining /story, Brandon Graham, Simon Roy, Ron Wimberly ; art, Giannis Milonogiannis, Simon Roy, Dave Taylor, Ron Wimberly [and twenty others] ; colors, Joseph Bergin III, Ron Wimberly, Dave Taylor ; letters, Ed Brisson.Berkeley, California : Image Comics, Inc., 2015.

PN 6727 G68 P7 2015 v. 4


Saga. Book three /Brian K. Vaughan, writer ; Fiona Staples, artist ; Fonografiks, lettering + design.Portland, Oregon : Image Comics, Inc., 2019.

PN 6727 V38 S2 2019 bk. 3

The Maxx /story & art, Sam Kieth ; swell dialogue, Bill Messner-Loebs ; finishes, Jim Sinclair ; lettering, Mike Heisler, Kevin Cunningham ; coloring, Steve Oliff, Reuben Rude, & Olyptics ; dream sequence (issue 5), Dave Feiss ; logo, Chance Wolfe.La Jolla, California : WildStorm Productions.

PN 6728 M38 K54

Britannia /writer, Peter Milligan ; artist, Juan Jose Ryp ; color artist, Jordie Bellaire.New York : Valiant Entertainment LLC.

PN 6748 B75 M55 2017 v. 1

Vathek /William Beckford ; edited with an introduction and notes by Thomas Keymer.Oxford : Oxford University Press.

PQ 1957 B29 V313 2013

Living to tell the tale /Gabriel García Márquez ; translated from the Spanish by Edith Grossman.New York : A.A. Knopf.

PQ 8180.17 A73 Z478 2003

Titus Andronicus /edited by Jonathan Bate.London : Routledge.

PR 2835 A2 B33 1995

The castle of Otranto : a Gothic story /edited with an introduction and notes by Nick Groom.Oxford : Oxford University Press.

PR 3537 W2 C27 2014

Northanger Abbey ; Lady Susan ; The Watsons ; Sanditon /Jane Austen ; edited by James Kinsley and John Davie ; with an introduction and notes by Claudia L. Johnson.Oxford : Oxford University Press.

PR 4032 K56 2003

British romantic literature and the emerging modern Greek nation /Alexander Grammatikos.Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan.

PR 447 G73 2018

The mysteries of Udolpho /Ann Radcliffe ; edited by Bonamy Dobrée ; with an introduction and notes by Terry Castle.Oxford : Oxford University Press.

PR 5202 M8 1998

Lyrical ballads : 1798 and 1800 /William Wordsworth and Samuel Coleridge ; edited by Michael Gamer and Dahlia Porter.Peterborough, Ontario : Broadview Press.

PR 5869 L9 2008


The hobbit : or, There and back again /by J.R.R. Tolkien ; illustrated by David Wenzel ; adapted by Charles Dixon with Sean Deming.London : Harper, 2006.

PR 6039 O32 H63 2006

Blackfoot Country /Walter Hildebrandt.Victoria : Ekstasis Editions.

PR 9199.3 H475 B53 2017

Dropped threads 2 : more of what we aren't told /edited by Carol Shields and Marjorie Anderson ; with a preface by Adrienne Clarkson.Toronto : Vintage Canada.

PS 8235 W7 D762 2003

The stone carvers /Jane Urquhart.Toronto : McClelland & Stewart.

PS 8591 R68 S75 2001


Washington Black /Esi Edugyan.New York : Vintage Books, 2019.

PS 8609 D84 W3 2019

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Policy change, courts, and the Canadian Constitution /edited by Emmett Macfarlane.Toronto : University of Toronto Press.

KE 3098 M33 2018

Canada and the ethics of constitutionalism : identity, destiny, and constitutional faith /Samuel V. LaSelva.Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press.

KE 4199 L37 2018

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Love's executioner and other tales of psychotherapy /Irvin D. Yalom.New York : Perennial.

RC 489 E93 Y345 2000

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Military and Naval Science

Friendship across the seas : the US Navy and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force /Naoyuki Agawa ; translated by Hiraku Yabuki.Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture.

VA 653 A66 2019

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Vanessa : opera in three acts /music by Samuel Barber ; text by Gian Carlo Menotti ; German translation by Otto Maag ; piano reduction by the composer.Milwaukee, WI : Hal Leonard Corporation.

M 1503 B37 V36 1964


Ferrington guitars : featuring the custom-made guitars of master luthier Danny Ferrington /design and photography, Nancy Skolos and Thomas Wedell ; introduction, Linda Ronstadt ; profile, Orville Schell.New York : HarperCollinsPublishers, 1992.

ML 1015 G9 S58 1992

Music and modernity among first peoples of North America /edited by Victoria Lindsay Levine and Dylan Robinson.Middletown, Connecticut : Wesleyan University Press.

ML 3550 L48 2019

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Philosophy. Psychology. Religion

The concept of woman : the Aristotelian revolution, 750 BC-AD 1250 /Prudence Allen.Grand Rapids : William B. Eerdmans.

BD 450 A4724 1997

The counseling process : a multitheoretical integrative approach /Elizabeth Reynolds Welfel, Lewis E. Patterson.Australia : Thomson/Brooks/Cole.

BF 637 C6 W45 2005

A scientific search for altruism : do we care only about ourselves? /C. Daniel Batson.New York : Oxford University Press.

BF 637 H4 B38 2019

The power of tact /Peter Legge, with Tashon Ziara.Burnaby : Eaglet Publishing.

BF 637 S8 L44 2007

Life is a startup : what founders can teach us about making choices and managing change /Noam Wasserman.Stanford, California : Stanford Business Books.

BF 637 S8 W32 2019

Be fertile and increase, fill the earth and master it : the ancient and medieval career of a Biblical text /Jeremy Cohen.Ithaca : Cornell University Press.

BS 1235.2 C63 1989

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Political Science

The political thought of C.B. Macpherson : contemporary applications /Frank Cunningham.Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan.

JA 71 C85 2019

Toward the Meiji revolution : the search for "civilization" in nineteenth century Japan /Karube Tadashi ; translated by David Noble.Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture.

JA 84 J3 K37 2019

The Canadian kingdom : 150 years of constitutional monarchy /edited by D. Michael Jackson.Toronto : Dundurn.

JL 15 J33 2018

The political history of modern Japan : foreign relations and domestic politics /Kitaoka Shinichi, translated by Robert D. Eldridge with Graham Leonard.Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge

JQ 1631 K57 2018

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Possible minds : twenty-five ways of looking at AI /edited by John Brockman.New York : Penguin Press, 2019.

Q 335 P67 2019

99 variations on a proof /Philip Ording.Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press.

QA 8.4 O73 2019

Color : a visual history from Newton to modern color matching guides /Alexandra Loske.Washington, DC : Smithsonian Books.

QC 494.7 L67 2019

The world of dinosaurs : an illustrated tour /Mark A. Norell.Chicago : The University of Chicago Press.

QE 861.4 N66 2019

Gender before birth : sex selection in a transnational context /Rajani Bhatia.Seattle : University of Washington Press.

QP 279 B42 2018

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Social Sciences

Statistics for the behavioral sciences /Susan A. Nolan, Thomas E. Heinzen.New York : Worth Publishers.

HA 29 N653 2017

Exploring microeconomics /Robert L. Sexton, Peter N. Fortura, Colin C. Kovacs.Toronto : Nelson Education.

HB 172 S49 2020

Heritage culture and business, Kyoto style : craftsmanship in the creative economy /Murayama Yūzō; translated by Juliet Winters Carpenter.Tokyo, Japan : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture.

HD 2907 Z8 K968 2019

Leading constant change : a practical framework for making change happen /Philip Webb.Harlow, United Kingdom : Pearson.

HD 58.8 W43 2015

Working lives : essays in Canadian working-class history /Craig Heron.Toronto : University of Toronto Press.

HD 8104 H47 2018


Jony Ive : the genius behind Apple's greatest products /Leander Kahney.New York : Portfolio Penguin, 2014.

HD 9696.2 U64 K34 2014

MKTG : principles of marketing /by Charles W. Lamb [and 5 others]Toronto : Nelson Education.

HF 5415 L36 2019

Food packaging design /editing, Douglas Riccardi.Hong Kong : Design Media Publishing Limited.

HF 5415.1255 R53 2015

Managing human resources /Monica Belcourt [and 3 others]Toronto : Thomson Nelson.

HF 5549 B333 2020

Impact! : a guide to business communication /Margot Northey, Jana Seijts.Don Mills : Pearson.

HF 5718 N67 2018

The politics of fiscal federalism : neoliberalism versus social democracy in multilevel governance /Adam Harmes.Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press.

HJ 197 H37 2019

Appified : culture in the age of apps /Jeremy Wade Morris and Sarah Murray, editors.Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press.

HM 851 A67 2018


The next billion users : digital life beyond the West /Payal Arora.Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2019.

HM 851 A76 2019

Civic activism unleashed : new hope or false dawn for democracy? /Richard Youngs.New York : Oxford University Press.

HM 881 Y68 2019

Federalism and the welfare state in a multicultural world /edited by Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant [and 3 others]Kingston : McGill-Queen's University Press.

HN 107 F34 2018

Voices of Latin America /edited by Tom Gatehouse.New York : Monthly Review Press.

HN 110.5 A8 G38 2019

Gender rhetorics : postures of dominance and submission in history /Richard C. Trexler.Binghamton, New York : Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies.

HQ 1075 G466 1994

Misogyny : the new activism /Gail Ukockis.New York : Oxford University Press.

HQ 1233 U46 2019

Ms. Prime Minister : gender, media, and leadership /Linda Trimble.Toronto : University of Toronto Press.

HQ 1236 T75 2017

Trials of Nina McCall : sex, surveillance, and the decades-long government plan to imprison "promiscuous" women.Boston : Beacon Press.

HQ 1236.5 U6 S74 2018

Criminals, idiots, women and minors : Victorian writing by women on women /edited by Susan Hamilton.Peterborough : Broadview Press.

HQ 1596 H36 2004

Feminist genealogies, colonial legacies, democratic futures /edited by M. Jacqui Alexander and Chandra Talpade Mohanty.New York : Routledge.

HQ 1870.9 A54 1997

The Sexuality papers : male sexuality and the social control of women /Lal Coveney [and 4 others] London : Hutchinson in association with the Explorations in Feminism Collective.

HQ 28 C68 1984

Love, money & parenting : how economics explains the way we raise our kids /Matthias Doepke & Fabrizio Zilibotti.Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press.

HQ 755.8 D64 2019

Mother is a verb : an unconventional history /Sarah Knott.New York : Sarah Crichton Books.

HQ 759 K59 2019

Labor of love : the invention of dating /Moira Weigel.New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

HQ 801 W455 2016

Making our neighborhoods, making our selves /George C. Galster.Chicago : The University of Chicago Press.

HT 123 G25 2019

Social work skills for beginning direct practice : text, workbook, and multimedia interactive case studies /Linda K. Cummins, Judith A. Sevel.Boston : Pearson.

HV 40 C85 2018

Social work practice : problem solving and beyond /Tuula Heinonen, Len Spearman.Australia : Thomson Nelson.

HV 40 H45 2006

The safe approach : controlling risk for workers in the helping professions /Charles Ennis, Janet Douglas.Enumclaw, WA : Issues Press.

HV 40.35 C84 2007

Community work approaches to child welfare /edited by Brian Wharf.Peterborough : Broadview Press.

HV 745 A6 W34 2002

The policy-based profession : an introduction to social welfare policy analysis for social workers /Philip R. Popple, Leslie Leighninger, with Robert D. Leighninger.New York : Pearson.

HV 91 P67 2019

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How to Write Technical Reports : Understandable Structure, Good Design, Convincing Presentation /by Heike Hering.Berlin : Springer-Verlag.

T 11 H47 2019

Scientific style and format : the CSE manual for authors, editors, and publishers /Style Manual Subcommittee, Council of Science Editors.Chicago : University of Chicago Press.

T 11 S386 2014

Becoming leaders : a practical handbook for women in engineering, science, and technology /F. Mary Williams, Carolyn J. Emerson.Reston, Virginia : American Society of Civil Engineers.

T 36 W55 2019


Surviving global warming : why eliminating greenhouse gases isn't enough /Roger A. Sedjo.Amherst, New York : Prometheus Books, 2019.

TA 170 S43 2019

Solar power : innovation, sustainability, and environmental justice /Dustin Mulvaney.Oakland : University of California Press.

TD 195 S64 M85 2019

Signals and boundaries : building blocks for complex adaptive systems /John H. Holland.Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press.

TJ 217 H65 2012

Made in Japan : transistor radios of the 1950s and 1960s /Roger Handy, Maureen Erbe, Aileen Antonier ; photography by Henry Blackham.San Francisco : Chronicle Books.

TK 6564 T7 H36 1993

Main streets /edited and captioned by Timothy Jacobs ; photographs selected by Ruth DeJauregui and Bill Yenne.Greenwich, CT : Bison Books Corp.

TR 659.8 J33 1988

A thousand alleyways of solitude /Marjan Yazdi.Tehran, Iran : Nazar Art Publication.

TR 659.8 Y39 2016


Edges /Harry Gruyaert ; foreword by Richard Nonas.New York : Thames & Hudson Inc., 2019.

TR 670 G78 2019


Civilization : the way we live now /William A. Ewing, Holly Roussell.New York : Thames & Hudson, 2018.

TR 820.5 E95 2018


Animals in motion /John Straiton.Toronto : Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, 1968.

TR 897.5 S77 1968


Pink : the history of a punk, pretty, powerful color /edited by Valerie Steele.New York : Thames & Hudson, 2018.

TT 507 S75 2018


Glorafilia : the Venice collection : 25 original projects in needlepoint and embroidery /Carole Lazarus and Jennifer Berman.London : Conran Octopus, 1991.

TT 778 C3 L39 1991

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World History

World War 1 : the global revolution /Lawrence Sondhaus.Cambridge : Cambridge University Press.

D 521 S68 2011

Mrs. Grundy ; studies in English prudery /Peter Fryer.London : Dobson Books Ltd.

DA 115 F7 1963

The island race : Englishness, empire and gender in the eighteenth century /Kathleen Wilson.London : Routledge.

DA 485 W55 2003


Nanjing : the burning city /by Ethan Young.Milwaukie, Oregon : Dark Horse Books, 2015.

DS 777.5316 N36 Y68 2015

The burden of the past : problems of historical perception in Japan-Korea relations /Kan Kimura ; translated by Marie Speed ; foreword by Gi-Wook Shin.Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press.

DS 849 K6 K57 2019

Understanding history in Asia : what diplomatic documents reveal = Gaikō dokyumento rekishi ninshiki /Hattori Ryūji ; translated by Tara Cannon.Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture.

DS 885.48 H38 2019

Security politics in Japan : legislation for a new security environment /Yūichi Hosoya ; translated by Tara Cannon.Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture.

DS 891 H68 2019


The Barnett collection : a pictorial record of early Johannesburg.Johannesburg : The Star, 1966.

DT 2405 J654 B37 1966

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Unclassified Paperback Fiction

A long way down /Nick Hornby.New York : Riverhead Books.



The gunslinger / The Dark Tower Book 1 /Stephen King.New York : Scribner, 2016.


Wild animus /Rich Shapero.San Mateo, California : Outside Reading.


Because a fire was in my head /Lynn Stegner.Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press.


The picture of Dorian Gray /Oscar Wilde ; introduction by Jeffrey Eugenides ; notes by David Wayne Thomas.New York : Modern Library.


Orlando : a biography /Virginia Woolf ; annotated and with an introduction by Maria DiBattista ; Mark Hussey, general editor.Orlando : Harcourt, Inc.


Mrs. Dalloway /Virginia Woolf ; foreword by Maureen Howard.San Diego, CA : Harcourt.


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