Mar 1, 2018

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Auxiliary Sciences of History

Archaeology : the essential guide to our human past /general editor Paul Bahn ; foreword by Brian Fagan.Washington, DC : Smithsonian Books.

CC 165 A634 2017

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Small teaching : everyday lessons from the science of learning /James M. Lang.San Francisco : Jossey-Bass.

LB 1063 L267 2016

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Fine Arts


Donald Sultan : in the still-life tradition /essays by Steven Henry Madoff and David Mamet.Seattle : University of Washington Press, 1999.

N 6537 S92 A4 1999

Shary Boyle : music for silence = une musique pour le silence = musica per il silencio /Josée Drouin-Brisebois.Ottawa : National Gallery of Canada = Musée des beaux-arts du Canada.

N 6549 B69 A4 2013

Liz Magor : the blue one comes in black /edited by Céline Kopp ; text by Céline Kopp, Liz Magor, Lisa Robertson, Jan Verwoert.Marseilles : Triangle France.

N 6549 M355 B58 2015

Julian Opie : JO/Mary Horlock.London : Tate.

N 6797 O65 A4 2004

Women expressionists /Shulamith Behr.New York : Rizzoli.

N 6868.5 E9 B44 1988

Wolfgang Laib : a retrospective /Klaus Ottmann with an essay by Margit Rowell and a conversation between the artist and Harald Szeemann.New York : American Federation of Arts.

N 6888 L29 A4 2000


Virtue and magnificence : art of the Italian Renaissance courts /Alison Cole.©1995.

N 6915 C595 1995

Kandinsky's teaching at the Bauhaus : color theory and analytical drawing /Clark V. Poling.New York : Rizzoli.

N 6999 K33 P6313 1986

The Chinese collection : selected works from the Norton Museum of Art /John R. Finlay, with essays by Colin Mackenzie and Jenny F. So.West Palm Beach : Norton Museum of Art.

N 7342 N67 2003


Japan's wooden heritage : a journey through a thousand years of architecture /Terunobu Fujimori and Mitsumasa Fujitsuka ; translated by Hart Larrabee.Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture (JPIC), 2017.

NA 1553 F8513 2017


The California architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright /text by David Gebhard ; photographs by Scot Zimmerman.San Francisco : Chronicle Books, 1997.

NA 737 W7 G43 1997

African masks : the Barbier-Mueller collection /by Iris Hahner, Maria Kecskési, and László Vajda.Munich : Prestel.

NB 1255 A43 H35 2007

See & draw : drawing from observation /Karl V. Larsen.Worcester, Massachusetts : Davis Publications, Inc.

NC 730 L381 1993

The private Degas /Richard Thomson.London : Herbert Press.

ND 553 D3 A4 1987

Avant-garde British printmaking, 1914-1960 /Frances Carey and Anthony Griffiths ; with a contribution by Stephen Coppel.London : British Museum Publications.

NE 628.4 C37 1990

Soetsu Yanagi : selected essays on Japanese folk crafts /Soetsu Yanagi ; with the cooperation of the Japan Folk Crafts Museum ; translated by Michael Brase.Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture.

NK 1071 Y363 2017

Transitions of a still life : ceramic work by Tam Irving /Carol E. Mayer.Vancouver : Anvil Press.

NK 4210 I79 A4 2007


Ikat textiles of India /Chelna Desai.San Francisco : Chronicle Books, 1988.

NK 8976 A1 D47 1988

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Geography. Anthropology. Recreation

How to change the world /a film by Jerry Rothwell.Toronto : KinoSmith, Inc.

GE 195 Online

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Unstable ground : climate change, conflict, and genocide /Alex Alvarez.Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

GF 71 A48 2017

The great Han : race, nationalism, and tradition in China today /Kevin Carrico.Oakland : University of California Press.

GT 1555 C37 2017

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History of the Americas

Service in a time of suspicion : experiences of Muslims serving in the U.S. military post-9/11 /Michelle Sandhoff.Iowa City : University of Iowa Press.

E 184 M88 S26 2017

The expanding blaze : how the American Revolution ignited the world, 1775-1848 /Jonathan Israel.Princeton : Princeton University Press.

E 209 I87 2017

Price paid : the fight for First Nations survival /Bev Sellars ; foreword and excerpts by Hemas Kla-Lee-Lee-Kla (Hereditary Chief Bill Wilson).Vancouver : Talonbooks.

E 78 C2 S45 2016

Fighting for the progressive center in the age of Trump /Joseph M. Hoeffel.Santa Barbara : Praeger.

E 901.1 H64 A3 2017

Fire and fury : inside the Trump White House /Michael Wolff. New York : Henry Holt and Company.

E 913 W65 2018


Peace pipe dreams : the truth about lies about Indians /Darrell Dennis.Madeira Park : Douglas & McIntyre, 2013.

E 98 H77 D45 2013

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Language and Literature

Media and cultural studies : keyworks /edited by Meenakshi Gigi Durham and Douglas Kellner.Malden, Massachusetts : Blackwell Publishers.

P 94.6 M42 2001

Making sense : the glamorous story of English grammar /David Crystal.New York : Oxford University Press.

PE 1095 C79 2017

The bizarre world of reality television /Stuart Lenig.Santa Barbara : Greenwood.

PN 1992.8 R43 L47 2017


The celluloid closet /Home Box Office ; Brillstein-Grey Entertainment ; A Telling Pictures production.Montreal, Quebec : Alliance Atlantis, 1996.

PN 1995.7 H55 C45 1996

Two weeks /Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures ; Custom Productions, Two Weeks, LLC in association with Transcendent, LLC ; a film by Steve Stockman.Beverly Hills, California : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

PN 1995.9 D37 T86 2014

The making of Jane Austen /Devoney Looser.Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press.

PR 4038.I52 L66 2017


Oscar Wilde : wit's end /History Television Productions.New York : A&E Home Video, 2001.

PR 5823 O82 2005

James Baldwin : the FBI file /edited and with an introduction and notes by William J. Maxwell.New York : Arcade Publishing.

PS 3552 A45 Z822 2017

A history of the African American novel /Valerie Babb.Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press.

PS 374 N4 B24 2017

Tales of two Americas : stories of inequality in a divided nation /edited by John Freeman.New York : Penguin Books.

PS 648 S58 T35 2017

Garage criticism : cultural missives in an age of distraction /Peter Babiak.Vancouver, B.C. : Anvil Press Publishers Inc.

PS 8603 A258 A6 2016


Birdie : a novel /Tracey Lindberg.Toronto HarperCollins, 2016.

PS 8623 I52 B57 2016

And Tango makes three /by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell ; illustrated by Henry Cole.New York : Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division.

PZ 10.3 R4 Tan 2005

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2018 Annotated Aboriginal law : the constitution, legislation, treaties and cupreme court of Canada case summaries /Shin Imai ; assisted by Sarah Weinberger.Toronto : Thomson Reuters, 2018.

KE 7704.5 C2 I42 2018

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Military and Naval Science

The self-defense forces and postwar politics in Japan /Sado Akihiro ; translated by Noda Makito.Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture.

UA 845 S23 2017

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Philosophy. Psychology. Religion

Understanding ignorance : the surprising impact of what we don't know /Daniel R. DeNicola.Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press.

BD 221 D468 2017

Classic studies in psychology /Online Classroom Ltd.New York : Films Media Group.

BF 121 Online

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An introduction to Yōkai culture : monsters, ghosts, and outsiders in Japanese history /Komatsu Kazuhiko ; translated by Hiroko Yoda and Matt Alt.Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture.

BF 1517 J3 K66 2017

Maps of meaning : the architecture of belief /Jordan B. Peterson.New York : Routledge.

BF 175.5 A72 P48 1999

Shame : a brief history /Peters N. Stearns.Urbana : University of Illinois Press.

BF 575 S45 S74 2017

12 rules for life : an antidote to chaos /Dr. Jordan B. Peterson ; illustrations by Ethan Van Scriver.Toronto : Random House Canada.

BJ 1589 P48 2018

How like a god : deification in Japanese religion /Sato Hiroo ; translated by David Noble.Tokyo : International House of Japan.

BL 2211 D35 S24 2016

7 ways of looking at religion : the major narratives /Benjamin Schewel.New Haven : Yale University Press.

BL 51 S34 2017

Heavens on earth : the scientific search for the afterlife, immortality, and utopia /Michael Shermer.New York : Henry Holt and Company.

BL 530 S53 2018

The cross : history, art, and controversy /Robin M. Jensen.Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press.

BV 160 J46 2017

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Political Science

Out of China : how the Chinese ended the era of Western domination /Robert Bickers.Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press.

JC 311 B47 2017


The war of the world : twentieth-century conflict and the descent of the West /Niall Ferguson.New York : Penguin Books, 2007.

JZ 6385 F47 2007

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The Oxford illustrated history of science /edited by Iwan Rhys Morus.Oxford : Oxford University Press.

Q 125 O94 2017

An adventure in statistics : the reality enigma /Andy Field.Los Angeles : SAGE.

QA 276 F455 2016

The society of genes /Itai Yanai and Martin Lercher.Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press.

QH 437 Y36 2016

Meiosis : the key to genetic diversity /produced for Human Relations Media by Cochran Communications.Pleasantville, New York : Human Relations Media.

QH 605.3 M44 1991


Jane Goodall : my life with chimpanzees /National Geographic Television.Washington, DC : National Geographic, 1990.

QL 737 P9 J36 2010

Furry logic : the physics of animal life /Matin Durrani & Liz Kalaugher.London : Bloomsbury Sigma.

QL 751 D87 2016

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Social Sciences

The sum of small things : a theory of the aspirational class /Elizabeth Currid-Halkett.Princeton : Princeton University Press.

HB 831 C87 2017

Basic income : a radical proposal for a free society and a sane economy /Philippe Van Parijs and Yannick Vanderborght.Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press.

HB 846 P37 2017

Face value : the consumer revolution and the colonizing of America /Cary Carson.Charlottesville : University of Virginia Press.

HC 110 C6 C36 2017

A concise economic history of the world : from paleolithic times to the present /Rondo Cameron, Larry Neal.New York : Oxford University Press.

HC 21 C33 2003

Famine in European history /edited by Guido Alfani, Cormac Ó Gráda.Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press.

HC 240.9 F3 F35 2017

The entrepreneur who built modern Japan : Shibusawa Eiichi /Shimada Masakazu ; translated by Paul Narum.Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture.

HC 461.5 S48 S4613 2017

From headshops to whole foods : the rise and fall of activist entrepreneurs /Joshua Clark Davis.New York : Columbia University Press.

HD 2785 D33 2017


From "no" to "yes" : the constructive route to agreement /Video Arts.London, England : Video Arts Ltd., 1988.

HD 42 F76

How leaders improve : a playbook for leaders who want to get better now /John Gates, Jeff Graddy, and Sacha Lindekens.Santa Barbara : Praeger.

HD 57.7 G37 2017

Forged in crisis : the power of courageous leadership in turbulent times /Nancy Koehn.New York : Scribner.

HD 57.7 K62 2017

The 11 laws of likability : relationship networking-- because people do business with people they like /Michelle Tillis Lederman.New York : American Management Association.

HD 69 S8 L44 2012

Baking powder wars : the cutthroat food fight that revolutionized cooking /Linda Civitello.Urbana : University of Illinois Press.

HD 9330 B23 U525 2017

Push Marketing techniquesMagnet Media.New York, New York : Magnet Media.

HF 5415.1265 I58 2003


The dreaded appraisal /a Video Arts production.London, England : Video Arts Ltd., 1990

HF 5549.5 I6 D75 2014

Nail the interview, land the job : a step-by-step guide for what to do before, during, and after the interview /Michelle Tillis Lederman.South Orange, New Jersey : SHORTi Press.

HF 5549.5 I6 L43 2015

Fish! : catch the energy, release the potential! /A film by ChartHouse Learning.Toronto : International Tele-Film.

HF 5549.5 M63 F5 2002

Communications intelligence. Being assertive /Our Bizniss.Australia : Our Bizniss Productions

HF 5718 C65 2002

Imagining sociology : an introduction with readings /Catherine Corrigall-Brown.Don Mills : Oxford University Press.

HM 586 C687 2016

Culture in the communication age /edited by James Lull.London : Routledge.

HM 621 C86 2001

Free women, free men : sex, gender, and feminism /Camille Paglia.New York : Pantheon Books.

HQ 1155 P244 2017

Choosing daughters : family change in rural China /Lihong Shi.Stanford : Stanford University Press.

HQ 684 S55 2017

The happy youth of a desperate country : the disconnect between Japan's malaise and its millenials /Noritoshi Furuichi ; translated by Raj Mahtani.Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture.

HQ 799 J3 F86 2017

Words are weapons : inside ISIS's rhetoric of terror /Philippe-Joseph Salazar ; translation by Dorna Khazeni.New Haven : Yale University Press.

HV 6433 I722 I857 2017

The gang's all queer : the lives of gay gang members /Vanessa R. Panfil.New York : New York University Press.

HV 6439 U5 P36 2017

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Looking at photographs ; 100 pictures from the collection of the Museum of Modern Art /by John Szarkowski.New York : Museuem of Modern Art.

TR 650 N49 1973

The art of nature : reflections on the grand design /photography by Bruce W. Heinemann ; essays by Tim McNulty.Seattle : Prior Publishing.

TR 721 H44 1992

The Airbnb story : how three ordinary guys disrupted an industry, made billions... and created plenty of controversy /Leigh Gallagher.Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

TX 911.2 G35 2017

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World History


1914-1918 : Indian troops in Europe /Santanu Das.Ahmedabad : Mapin Publishing, 2015.

D 547.15 D37 2015

India and the First World War : 'if I die here, who will remember me?' /Vedica Kant ; foreword by Amitav Ghosh.New Delhi, India : Lustre Press.

D 547.15 K36 2014

The comfort women : historical, political, legal and moral perspectives /Kumagai Naoko ; translated by David Noble.Tokyo : International House of Japan.

D 810 C698 K863 2016


Life in the Third Reich : daily life in Nazi Germany 1933-1945 /Paul Roland.London : Arcturus Publishing, 2016.

DD 256.5 R54 2016

Bombies /A Lumiere Productions Inc. production in association with the Independent Television Service.Vancouver, B.C. : Moving Images.

DS 555.84 B66 2001


Woman the toolmaker : hideworking and stone tool use in Konso, Ethiopia /writer, producer, and editor, Tara Belkin in collaboration with Steven Brandt and Kathryn Weedman.Walnut Creek, California : Left Coast Press, 2006.

DT 380.4 K65 W66 2006

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