This quick guide is intended to help instructors determine if a copyright-protected work can be copied for educational purposes. For assistance, please contact us.

Can I copy this?


You may copy or scan without permission

Short excerpts covered by fair dealing

  • For research, private study, education, criticism, review, parody, satire, or news reporting
    • up to 10% of a copyright-protected work
    • one chapter from a book
    • a single article from a journal or magazine
    • an artistic work (such as a photograph) from a copyright-protected work containing other artistic works
    • an entire newspaper article or page an entire single poem from a copyright-protected work containing other poems
    • an entire entry from an encyclopedia, annotated bibliography, dictionary

Works in the public domain

Uses covered by educational exceptions

  • copying for exams and tests
  • copying for display (such as lecture presentation slides)


Restrictions may apply
Check terms before copying or scanning

  • Licensed works, such as e-journals and e-books
  • Internet materials


Permission required

Excessive or cumulative copying of a  copyright-protected work,  such as multiple articles from the  same issue of a journal

Instructors can distribute a work to students as

  • a class handout
  • a post to a learning management system restricted to Langara students (such as Brightspace by D2L)
  • part of a course pack

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