Below is a high level overview of safety and security procedures and services at Langara. Visit the Safety and Security website for more information.

Campus Security Services

  • Building Access - visit the Key and Card Access page for information on how to request building keys, access cards, and Personal Identification Numbers (PIN).
  • Loss Prevention and Office Security - for tips on keeping your office safe, visit the Office Security site. For lost and found enquiries, contact the Continuing Studies department. Encourage your team to report any suspicious behaviour to Security immediately, and ensure that you notify Security of any reported thefts. 

Health and Workplace Safety

  • Accident and Injury Reporting - in the unlikely event that you or one of your employees is injured in the course of your duties, make sure to follow procedures and submit a Form 7 to the People and Culture Department within 48 hours. Please refer to the Workplace Injury Reporting section of the Terms & Collective Agreements, Policies page for detailed information, including required forms, timelines, and relevant flowcharts. The College provides WorkSafeBC coverage for employees and for students performing work for the College or away on practicum. 
  • Ergonomics - we encourage you to become familiar with the services, guidelines, and resources listed on the Ergonomics site. These documents highlight key risk factors in the workplace for musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs), provide low-risk workstation setup options, and offer other preventative principles to minimize physical strain. 
  • First Aid - campus first aid is provided by Campus Security, Langara Health Services, and several Langara employees trained in Occupational First Aid (OFA). Visit the First Aid site for detailed information on emergency and non-emergency first aid contacts and protocols.
  • Violence in the Workplace - please report Student Conduct and Respectful Workplace matters to the appropriate College authorities as soon as possible. 
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) - if you or any of your team members work in an area that requires WHMIS information and resources, refer to the WHMIS page

For more information relating to employee wellness, we encourage you to explore the Wellness and Attendance Management section of this toolkit.

Emergency Management Plans and Procedures

Please read Langara's Emergency Procedures and familiarize yourself with College guidelines related your safety and security on campus. As a leader, ensure that there is a hard copy of the procedures available to your staff. The Emergency Management page outlines emergency procedures and plans, including emergency lockdowns.