Before submitting a Job requisition to post for a vacancy, it is important to review your workforce and succession planning to determine the need of requesting or backfilling a position is operationally required.  Take the time to look over your workforce and succession plans to see if you are able to leverage your existing team or if you forecast gaps in your operations.  Once you determine the need for the position, ensure the job description is up to date and reflects an accurate representation of the role prior to posting the vacancy. 

As you begin the recruitment process, think of yourself as a Recruiter for your department.  You are the common thread in the recruitment process from posting the position, interacting with the candidate, to onboarding them as a team member.  Attracting the right candidates starts with you!  Think of your team collectively to determine what knowledge, skills, abilities it has and what might be missing to make the team even better than it is.  Reach out to your networks about the job opportunity in your department and encourage your team members to do the same.

Langara employees play a critical role in enabling student success. This section will help you hire the right people and provide them with the resources they need to support your team. Note that the hiring practices for each employee group is unique. You can use this section as a resource for filling a vacancy and welcoming a new member to your team. For more information, visit the following pages:

Not sure whether an individual should be hired as an employee or independent contractor? Please visit the Independent Contractors page of this toolkit for more information.