We invite you to review our Student Employment Overview document. which outlines the different opportunities for students to work at Langara and the hiring process.For instructions on hiring, please see our hiring guide for student workers on the Workday Training site (login required).

Student Work Assistance Program (SWAP)

SWAP provides paid employment for students who demonstrate financial need. SWAP students are hired to work in various capacities throughout campus. If you are interested in hiring a SWAP student, you can visit the SWAP section of the Financial Aid page for more information.

Here are some high-level requirements for you to consider:

  • student must be enrolled in minimum of nine credits (exception: students with registered permanent disabilities can enroll with minimum of six credits)
  • student cannot work in areas that jeopardize protection of privacy
  • minimum shift cannot be less than 2 hours (when they have class) or 4 hours (when they do not have class)
  • work must be performed within scheduled campus hours (excludes weekends, stat holiday, and December closure)
  • overtime is not permitted

Note that SWAP budget for your department must be approved prior to each new fiscal year. If you have any questions about your allocation, contact the avps.office@langara.ca.

Continue to the New Employee Onboarding section of this toolkit to learn about welcoming a new employee onto your team.