The College is dedicated to connecting students from all over the globe with exceptional educational opportunities. We currently we have nearly 4,000 international students from 80 different countries attending Langara College. Langara Global offers a number of student services to assist students in their transformational journeys.

International Student Services aspires to be the first point of contact for every new and current international student at Langara. By providing quality, innovative service, they aim to help students successfully fulfill their goals, explore opportunities, and grow as individuals. They are passionately student-focused, dedicated to actively engaging students through continuous outreach and collaboration.

We encourage leaders to educate their team members on the many student services that are available through the International Education Department:

  • Pre-arrival Support Services: New international students are assigned to an International Student Coordinator (ISC) at the point of offer or acceptance, with the aim to provide a personal point of contact from acceptance to graduation.
  • New Student Orientation Sessions: Collaborative effort between staff in IE, Counselling, Student Engagement, the Library, and faculty members to provide new students with the information and resources they need to be successful at Langara. 
  • Complimentary Workshops: Address topics that are of relevance and interest for all international students. 
  • Off and On-Campus Cultural and Social Activities 
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Available to both international and domestic students, including the International Education Volunteer Program (IEVP) which is a group of volunteers who help the IE Office to develop and implement special events and on-going activities for international students.
  • i-Guide Mentorship Program: Matches new IE students with a personal mentor to help them during their first semester on campus. 
  • Student Ambassadors: Paid student aides who greet and provide direction, information, and general assistance to student, visitors, and staff who come into the IE Office.
  • Langara PLUS Program: Designed to encourage IE students to participate in a variety of workshops and events by recording all attended activities in the Langara PLUS Passport (points accumulate towards a bronze, silver, or gold Langara PLUS Statement of Achievement)
  • International Student Coordinator (ISC) Liaison for Academic Departments: In addition to supporting international students, ISCs provide support to faculty with regards to students of concern. When the need arises, instructors may refer students to their ISC Liaison or provide them with names and student numbers and they can reach out to the students directly.

Communication Channels:

  • IE Website: Provides future, accepted, and current IE students, agents, and others with information about Langara, IE services, news, events, links to materials, and many other items
  • IE News: A monthly digital newsletter sent that provides important reminders and details of events on and off campus and is sent to students
  • IE Facebook Page: Social media page including reminders, event information, and photos of student engagement activities
  • IE Instagram: Online photo and video sharing platform to showcase student engagement activities
  • IE Twitter: Current and relevant updates for all things IE
  • IE Mobile App (coming soon): Intended for new international students prior to their arrival to help them get oriented and prepared for their arrival in Vancouver and at Langara. App will also feature regualr event updates to encourage engagement on campus once they arrive.