Employee Benefits

Langara is proud to offer health, welfare, and fringe benefits to support employees with their well-being. Note that each employee group has slightly different offerings, so please refer to the Benefits and Leave Summaries page when discussing with your team members to ensure that your information is accurate. All forms relating to benefits are accessible through Workday or myLangara

Wellness Promotion Program

Langara strives to maintain a healthy work environment. Visit the Wellness and EFAP page to learn about the many wellness classes, initiatives, discounts, and resources available to employees. Promote a culture of wellness by encouraging and enabling your employees to participate.

Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Whether seeking advice on mental, physical, or financial well-being, this program offers employees expert insight and resources to help find solutions that suit their needs. Services are provided by LifeWorks, an independent third party, to ensure confidentiality. Visit the Employee and Family Assistance (EFAP) page to learn more about the services offered, including online articles, access to in-person and online counselling, and on-the-go support through the My EAP app.

Supporting Student Wellness

As a leader, it is important to be familiar with the supports offered to students at the College. After all, students with healthy minds and health bodies positively impact the well-being of your team. Visit the Student Support section of the toolkit to become acquainted with our services.

Attendance Management

Leaders should make every effort to assist employees with managing their work schedules and leaves. Leave eligibility differs with each employee group, so be sure to review applicable collective agreement and term language:

  • CUPE - see Article XV. Absence from Duty 
  • LFA - see Articles 8.4 Sick Leave and 9. Leaves of Absence from Duty
  • Admin - see Terms and Conditions of Employment

Leave requests can be made through Workday (note: that you may need to fill out a form to request certain types of leaves. The forms for these leaves can be found on myLangara). Note that the College does not require receipt of a completed form if an employee in your area is attending an off-site conference or job-related activity that has been approved by yourself and/or applicable budget officer. 

When an employee submits a request for LTA, the HR Consultant will handle the initial process. If approved, they may involve you in the development and implementation of a return to work process for the impacted employee. This may include workplace accommodation.

For further assistance with STA/LTA requests, workplace accommodations, or any other attendance management concerns, please contact your HR Consultant.

Leave Management

You can review your Department's leave entitlements in Workday.

Please click here to access a checklist to use when processing a leave of absence for an employee.

Click here to access the Leave Management Training slide deck. 

Sickness and Absences Under 10 Days

For all absences due to illness, an employee must notify their Supervisor/Department chair/Manager each day of their illness up to 10 days.
Faculty and instructors will need to contact facilities in the event that their absence results in a class cancellation. Instructors who need to cancel classes should do one of the following:

  1. Between 7:45 am and 4:30 pm: Call the Langara College Reception (604-323-5511 *0) to report the class cancellation.
  2. Between 4:30 pm and 7:45 am: Call the mailbox (604-323-5589) and leave a voicemail message in the employee sick category .

Long-Term Absence Due to Illness of More Than 10 Consecutive Days 

At least one month before a pre-scheduled absence (e.g. surgery) or upon commencement of an unscheduled long-term absence of more than 10 Consecutive Days, the employee should notify their Department Chair/ Supervisor and complete a Long-Term Absence Form from People and Culture.The form contains instructions for reporting absences and outlines their responsibilities and the process to be followed. If they have any questions regarding the forms or process, they should contact People and Culture. 

Accident and Injury Reporting

The College is obligated to report all work-related injuries to WorkSafeBC within three (3) days of its occurrence. If you are injured on the job, you must complete a Form 6 and report to your supervisor/manager immediately. As a leader, you may be asked to complete Form 7 on behalf of one of your employees. Visit the Workplace Injury Reporting page for more information, including access to forms, guidelines, and WorkSafeBC's Reporting Flow.

Duty to Accommodate

The College is committed to upholding the legal requirement to accommodate under human rights laws. Where a barrier exists, or a policy or practice has adverse consequences on an individual in a protected group, the College is obligated to reasonably accommodate that individual's difference, provided it can do so without incurring undue hardship. Should an employee in your area require accommodation, contact your HR Consultant for assistance with handling the process.