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Performance Management Process


All evaluations should be completed in accordance with the following sections of the Collective Agreement:

  • Article 10.4
  • Appendix II  - Guidelines and Criteria for Evaluation and;
  • Appendix III - Guidelines for Evaluation


Employee performance is evaluated at both 425 hours (3 months) and 850 hours (6 months). As per Section III - Article 6 and Article 7, a permanent or temporary employee's performance will be reviewed on the basis of factors such as:

      i)   the quality of work;

      ii)  conduct;

      iii) capacity to work harmoniously with others;

      iv) ability to meet work performance standards set by the College.

Please click here to access the Performance Appraisal Report for Cupe Local 15


Initial appointment for a probationary period provides the College with time to assess the suitability of the probationary appointee for confirmation of appointment on a permanent basis. Within one month of being hired, the Administrator and their Supervisor will complete a written document outlining expectations and goals. Performance management should be an ongoing process. It should include, but is not limited to, a two-way process of establishing individual expectations, goals and objectives, the provision of appropriate feedback, the process of continuous improvement and the monitoring and documenting of accomplishments.  To achieve this, each Administrator will have a formal annual performance review.

Performance Management Resources