Resignation Policy - D1004 provides a high level overview of the resignation process.

In accordance with section 5.1 and 5.2; when employees voluntarily resign from employment with Langara, they are required to provide at least one (1) month written notice to the College, unless otherwise noted in the applicable collective agreement or terms of employment, or agreed upon between College and employee. Employees are encouraged to notify their leaders sooner, if possible, as it makes it easier for Departments to plan ahead for the vacancy. 

Prior to planned retirement, employees should schedule to meet with an Partner, HR Services, who will be able to discuss the process in depth. If the employee is a faculty member, the Office of the Academic Deans will need to complete a work history for the individual to see when NID and vacation balances will be cleared.

Employment Resignation/Termination Process

When ending an employment relationship at the College through retirement, resignation, or termination, the following parties must always be informed:

  • Department Chair/Manager
  • People and Culture
  • IT
  • Security

The Employment Resignation-Termination Checklist highlights the responsibilities for each party. As a leader of an employee who is ending employment, you are ultimately responsible for the completion of this checklist. Read through the document carefully, and send completed checklists to the People and Culture Department for retention. Connect with your Partner, HR Services for clarification on any of the actions listed.